It’s October, and it’s Halloween time! In 2018, Halloween’s occurring on Wednesday, October 31. The annual tradition brings together communities all across the United States to remember the dead, including martyrs, saints, and all faithful departed.

Now, when you are in Maui in particular, you have opportunities to chase sunsets, enjoy the aquatic life, and feel one with nature – all in one beautiful paradise. However, the month of October is quite special in Maui. Of course, one of the reasons is Halloween itself.

Halloween in Maui is very big. Really big. In Maui, Halloween celebration takes many interesting forms. In fact, Maui prides itself with some of the best Halloween celebrations in Hawaii. Trust us, if you are looking to have the best Halloween of your life, head to Maui and get ready for October 31st.

Still unsure? Check out these 6 interesting ways you can really enjoy Halloween in Maui.

#1 Go aboard the Halloween Cruise

Nobody likes to get stuck in never-ending traffic – especially on Halloween. It’s just a painful experience, isn’t it? Well if you are in Maui, taking the Pali Highway can be a nightmare if you don’t choose right. But, there’s a way to cruise your way through the traffic and we mean it in a literal sense.

Yes! Halloween in Maui is so popular that there’s an annual Halloween cruise for it. But well, like all things Maui, it isn’t the craziest part.

While on the cruise, you get to live some of the most amazing times you’ll have in Maui. The amazing people, the unique costumes, the perfect weather – it’s certainly a cruise that takes you on an unforgettable journey. The Halloween cruise departs from the Maalaea Harbor and arrives in Lahaina. But why Lahaina?

#2 Be a part of the Town’s best party!

The biggest party of the year takes place on October 31st in Lahaina Town. How big is this? They actually close off Front Street to vehicle traffic to let the masses wander. It’s free to join, (though make sure you have some funds for parking and cover charges if you plan on drinking). If your Halloween celebration is a family affair, make sure to visit early before the sun goes down. Lahaina Town hosts a children’s parade at 4 PM, and your kids will get to see lots of great costumes, floats, and more.

It is a little chaotic but also a lot of fun! We recommend getting there early so that you can snag a spot in one of the many available parking lots. You can get more information about the party here.

#3 Meet more local amazing people, in fun costumes

As night falls, you’d notice that tons of people wear Halloween costumes in Maui. It’s a tradition, but also a way to express yourself.

We suggest you take the time to get creative with yours. When you enter a party, you will find people in similar (and quite unique) costumes living the evening like it’s their best one yet. Everyone’s jolly and loving, so you’ll end up making a lot of friends.

Note: We suggest you consume alcohol within limit as there are always driving check points.

#4 Enjoy the weather of paradise

We have written  all about the weather in Maui in a blog post. October, in general, is extremely pleasant in Maui – making it one of the best months for vacation and parties.

The nights are cool and the days are warm and tropical – exactly how you’d expect it to be when you arrive for Halloween. It’s the start of the fantastic winter months, so you’ll always never feel out of place in your Halloween costume for sure.

#5 Pick your pumpkins!

The Kula Country Farms of Maui boasts of a pumpkin festival – the likes of which you’d have never seen before. It’s world famous and is one of the most recommended things to do during the fall festivals. Halloween really is special for everyone at Kula Country Farm.

According to Travel + Leisure, the farm comes to life with pumpkin-carving and costume contests, as well as live music, giving the whole experience the feel of a fall fair—far from the waves and sand. At the heart of the visit, guests can pick their own pumpkin from the eight planted acres, with prices ranging from $.50 to $30 for the giants.

#6 The party is not over

Last but not the least, even when the Halloween celebrations get over, there’s one thing to rejoice: you are still in a paradise called Maui.

The next day you wake up, you’ll see plenty of options to explore, experience, and entertain yourself all across the Mauian island. Enjoy some of the top food and drink experiences, or explore the many ways you can continue to make  Maui an extra special vacation.

Halloween in Maui is beautiful, eccentric, and lively. Don’t miss it. Mark your calendar for October 31st, 2018!