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Family vacations can be a truly magical experience, especially when you whisk your children off to an amazing and beautiful destination like Maui! We know that you want to create wonderful memories with your children. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time planning adventures and escapes and are ready to open your wallet for some […]

  Top Five Awesome Things to Do in Maui for Under $10 Most travelers assume that they have to spend big in order to enjoy their time in Maui, but that just isn’t true. As long as you can afford the flight here, you can find plenty to do on a budget. In fact, we’ve […]

When you start planning your trip to Maui, you’ll soon run into a common issue. There are just so many great restaurants on the island, but you don’t have time to try them all! Don’t worry, the Maui locals are here to help. Every year, Maui No Ka ‘Oi Magazine asks its readers to vote for the […]

You are in Wailea-Makena, one of the most beautiful parts of Maui. It is time to go big and spoil yourself silly. That’s what vacations are for. If you are staying in or near Wailea, you don’t need to travel far to treat yourself. Here are just five ways to spice up your Maui vacation […]

Fall is a great time to visit Maui. The weather is still gorgeous, and the huge in flux of summer visitors are all packing their bags and heading home. You also have the opportunity to participate in some amazing events that take place between August and October that will make your fall Maui trip unforgettable. So […]

  There are so many cool things you can do when you are in Maui that are stupendous in their own right, like snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, and more. But….then there are the special things, the truly awesome things, the things you will never, ever forget. These are activities you may not […]

Just beneath the crystal clear, aquamarine waters of Maui, you’ll find a thriving cornucopia of sea life. Some of our most interesting locals are just off our shores, like hogfish, filefish, moray eels, trigger fish, wrasse, groupers, cornetfish, seahorses, angelfish, flounder, frogfish, tangs, sand perch, tiger sharks, barracuda, sea turtles, emperor fish, manta rays, snappers, […]

For such a small place, East Maui is filled with natural wonders that will truly make you forget about the fast-paced urban landscapes you’ve left behind. If you are looking for adventure, relaxation, and a chance to really be a part of the natural world, then you absolutely must visit these amazing natural retreats during […]

You probably already have a million and one things you want to do during your trip to Maui, but don’t forget to eat! You’ll need to keep yourself fueled during the trip. A hearty and delicious lunch can keep you hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and touring our beautiful island. Maui is filled with so many amazing […]

Trailer for 2015 A powerful and passionate Maui favorite. The Maui Film Festival runs from June 4-8, 2014 What could be better than enjoying Maui when the stars come alive to honor some the most exciting talent in the movie world. This event, Maui Film Festival is held in June and stands out like no […]