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Just beneath the crystal clear, aquamarine waters of Maui, you’ll find a thriving cornucopia of sea life. Some of our most interesting locals are just off our shores, like hogfish, filefish, moray eels, trigger fish, wrasse, groupers, cornetfish, seahorses, angelfish, flounder, frogfish, tangs, sand perch, tiger sharks, barracuda, sea turtles, emperor fish, manta rays, snappers, […]

For such a small place, East Maui is filled with natural wonders that will truly make you forget about the fast-paced urban landscapes you’ve left behind. If you are looking for adventure, relaxation, and a chance to really be a part of the natural world, then you absolutely must visit these amazing natural retreats during […]

You probably already have a million and one things you want to do during your trip to Maui, but don’t forget to eat! You’ll need to keep yourself fueled during the trip. A hearty and delicious lunch can keep you hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and touring our beautiful island. Maui is filled with so many amazing […]

  Feeling buried by yet another blizzard! Chilly temperatures got you down? If shoveling your driveway and scraping ice off your car sounds less appealing than sunning yourself on a golden sandy beach or hiking in a bamboo rainforest, it’s time to warm up and getaway. Ali’i Resorts offers laid back luxury you can count […]

  Did you know that Hawaiian Monk Seals are considered a “living fossil” because of their distinct evolutionary lineage has been isolated from their closest relative 15 million years ago. The Hawaiian monk seal is one of the rarest marine mammals in the world. Part of the “true seal” family (Phocidae), they are one of […]

Want to get your brain back on track and return to home life and work a lot happier and more efficient than ever? Seriously, taking a break does your brain good.  With non stop emails and meeting after meeting, your stress is climbing a mountain and your productivity level is starting to feel insane. In […]

  Work will begin in Mid April 2015 starting with the buildings closest to the pavilion and progressing along the ocean towards the Marriott.  This will include all buildings up to the road running North and South through the property.  Some light work will be done this year, starting in August while the property’s occupancy is […]

Improve is a powerful word and here at Ali’i Resorts we pride ourselves in looking for ways we can constantly “Improve”. We are committed to being the best vacation rental company on south Maui and your happiness is what we strive for! This year 2014, Ali’i Resorts improves their electricity consumption and harness the all […]

Each year Maui Family YMCA runs an Annual Support Campaign. “The Annual Support Campaign was established to ensure no one would be turned away from YMCA programs and services due only to the inability to pay.” YMCA This campaign gives it’s members and friends of the YMCA an opportunity to help others by giving back […]