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A tropical wonderland of sea life and dazzling coral hides beneath the surface of Maui’s azure waters. When you come to visit our happy island, you can’t leave without saying hello to our moseying sea turtles, gliding manta rays, and all the colorful fish and plant life that live underwater. How are you going to […]

Maui is an amazing vacation destination for the entire family. Its abundance of beauty and outdoor adventure are just the things you need to get your kids to put down their phones and experience the glory of the natural world. Come make some amazing memories with your kids in Hawaii with these five fun ideas. […]

If you are planning a scuba diving, snuba diving, or snorkeling trip in Maui, then of course you have to spring for an underwater camera to capture the experience. (Never heard of snuba diving before? Find out what it is!) Many touring companies will also allow you rent higher-quality underwater cameras so that you can […]

It’s only because the oceans and beaches of Maui are so gorgeous that so many visitors never realize that our island is also a major golfing retreat. If you don’t feel whole without a golf club in your hand, then you’ve come to the right place! Though we have over a dozen golf courses on […]

Maui is an island that begs you to spoil yourself. Don’t just dip your toe into our warm, azure waters, dive right in! The same goes with your accommodation. If you’re willing to fly all the way out to our little oasis, then spend a little extra for the finer things in life. At Ali’i […]

Photo Credit Maui Maui Alii There’s the good kind of go-with-the-wind lost…and then there’s the kind of lost where you start imagining how long it will take for anyone to realize you’re missing and phone the police. In Maui, to get to our many gorgeous waterfalls, mountaintops, and “secret” stunning views you often must walk […]

Are you interested in working with Ali’i Resorts to effectively manage your Maui vacation rental property? One of the biggest concerns our property owners express to us is a worry that with a lot of use, their property might become dingy and dirty. We completely understand this concern! Tourists aren’t always as careful with rental […]

Majestic Maui whales are here and the views are incredibly inspiring. Take a minute, watch the power of this video which seems to convey a much more powerful message than a sentence can ever make. Enjoy! Whales from constantin novoselsky on Vimeo. When it’s time to plan your trip to Maui. Don’t skimp on the accommodations. […]

When you visit Wailea today, you’ll quickly find that it is a resort town offering luxury condos, golf, and many other tourist treats along its well-known beaches. This wasn’t quite the original dream that developers had for the town. In fact, in the 1960s and 1970s, developers and local politicians envisioned creating Wailea as a […]

A vacation to Maui is always memorable no matter what you do, but is it truly meaningful? If you have the means to come visit us and enjoy the beauty of our island, then you are truly fortunate. Want to spread the good fortune, help preserve the delicate eco-system of our island, and take with you an […]