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If you and your senior staff need to get away from the office in order to brainstorm your next big product launch or a change in strategy, you can’t get much further from the cubicle jungle than gorgeous, sun-soaked Maui. Our little island is the perfect place for your employees to get some fresh air […]

If your top-performing employees deserve a big reward after a great year of hard work, you can’t do any better than Maui. Our golden sands, warm blue waters, endless sunshine, and towering volcanoes all offer the incentive trip adventure of a lifetime. As the head of your employee appreciation trip, you want to reward your […]

  Shop, Book and Save on Maui’s Best Corporate Housing for Extended Stays We’re not just a Maui vacation rental company. We are a guest – driven, relationship building company that truly works to make a positive difference in your vacation time away. We know vacation rentals inside out here in Maui and we certainly […]