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Could Your Maui Vacation Include a Celebrity Sighting?

Here on Maui, we like to brag that our island is a little slice of paradise. We’ve got some of the best beaches, best weather, and best people in the world. It’s no surprise that some of the biggest stars from the mainland have decided to snag a little paradise for themselves. That’s right, our island regularly hosts some undeniably big celebs (including a certain former queen of daytime talk). Since our island is relatively small, it’s entirely possible that you might find yourself sitting next to a big movie star at dinner or lounging on the beach near someone with a few Grammys in their awards cabinet. Here is just a small list of some of the big-time celebs that you might pass during your adventures in Hawaii.

Woody Harrelson

It doesn’t take a True Detective to figure out why this star of the small screen and silver screen enjoys spending his time on the golden sands of Maui. Harrelson, a veteran actor and big environmentalist, likely enjoys many of Maui’s sustainable farms and farm-to-table restaurants.

Owen Wilson

This bad boy has been known to make waves, but in Maui he prefers the easy cruise of standup paddleboarding. The Wedding Crashers star has also been known to make an appearance at the local organic grocery stores.

Steven Tyler

This famous crooner has to compete with the crash of ocean waves when he spends his time on Maui. To keep his voice in shape, the Aerosmith front man has been known to make surprise appearances at performances by his fellow Maui neighbors, Willie K. and Mick Fleetwood. Think Steven will ever give up the beach life? Dream on!

Clint Eastwood

Dirty Harry is walking the streets of Maui, but you’ll be fine…if you keep on his good side. That’s right, the legendary actor once bought a house in Wailea, and he and his son Scott are regular attendees at the Annual Maui Film Festival. In fact, Scott Eastwood, a budding protégé, was honored at the 2015 film festival.

Oprah Winfrey

After giving cars, gift bags, and endless goodies to her audiences, this semi-retired queen of all media gave herself a pretty awesome gift. She purchased the historic Thomspon Ranch near Keokea. She renamed it Oprah’s Farm, and she and health expert Bob Greene grow over 100 different types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Of course, even if you don’t see a big celebrity on your trip to Maui, you don’t have to feel disappointed. When you book an Ali’i Resorts rental condo, you will be the star of your vacation. We’ll treat you like the big name that you are, and when you see the amazing beaches, restaurants, and adventures our island offers, you’ll feel like a pampered celebrity in your own right.