Sky Adventures in Maui

What is your favorite view of Maui? Maybe it’s standing at the foot of a looming volcano in the middle of a lush forest, or perhaps you prefer the view of frothy ocean waves washing across your bare feet as you laze on the beach. Of course, if you’ve got a secret adrenaline junkie hidden inside of you, then maybe you’d like a top-down view of the island. You can easily make that happen on your Maui vacation. Geronimo!

Take a Helicopter Tour

Maybe your inner adrenaline junkie is more of a moderate adrenaline consumer. No problem! You can still soar across the sky from the comfort of a machine that has built in landing wheels. Take a helicopter tour, and you’ll still get a heaping plate of excitement. Even if you think you know Maui, you haven’t seen it like this before. A helicopter tour is often the only way to see certain areas of the island that are not accessible by vehicle. Look down and catch a glimpse of hidden waterfalls and lava formations. Wow!

Hang Gliding

Ready to rev up the energy? Then ditch the helicopter and choose a hang glider instead. Don’t worry, you’ll have an instructor with you so that you won’t accidentally land in a tree or the ocean. You’ll get some great views while the wind carries you across the tree tops or sand, but this sky option is really about the experience. You’ll actually feel the wind lifting up your glider as you skate across the clouds. It’s a feeling like no other.


If you want something with an excitement level between a helicopter tour and hang gliding, choose parasailing. You can either go it alone or share the experience with a partner. You’ll be strapped into a harness tethered to the back of a boat. The other necessarily piece of equipment is a big parachute. When the boat takes off, the parachute will catch the wind, lifting you up, up, and up over the water. You get to fly effortlessly through the air without having to worry about any responsibilities aside from taking some great pictures.

Whichever of these air options you choose, you are sure to making amazing memories. If you are staying at an Ali’i Resorts vacation condo, we would be happy to recommend trusted companies that offer these amazing adventures. Let your inner adrenaline junkie soar on your holiday to Maui!