Sure, you want to laze on the beach, splash in the waterfalls, and watch the sunrise over Mt. Haleakala during your trip to Maui, but you also have to eat! Don’t worry, Maui doesn’t disappoint. With our many organic, farm-to-table restaurants and oceanfront property, we offer some of the best land- and sea-food on the planet. We also make some mean drinks (and by “mean” we mean “oh so good!”) You won’t be able to eat and drink at every Maui restaurant on your trip, so do the next best thing and sign up for a food or drink tour in Maui.

Here are four of our favorites:

Maui Pineapple Tour (Makawao)

These sweet golden fruits are a specialty on our little island, so sign up for this tour and see what a real pineapple field looks like. The one-and-a-half-hour tour includes a walk through a working pineapple field as well as a packing and shipping facility. You’ll learn enough pineapple facts and history for all your future Jeopardy needs. Don’t worry, this isn’t a window shopping tour only. You’ll get to taste plenty of pineapple and even leave the tour with your very own! If your appetite isn’t quite quenched, you can sign up for the Pineapple Tour + Distillery Tour and add on a meal at the Haliimaile General Store Restaurant.

Current Pricing* (does not include restaurant meal or distillery tour): $65 per adult / $55 per child

Hawaii Tasting Tours (Lahaina)

Lace up your walking shoes and loosen your belt. This guided tasting tour of Maui will include pit stops at three or four great restaurants. At each stop you’ll get to dig into a “signature tasting plate” featuring the restaurant’s best dishes. Think of it as a multi-course meal with plenty of entertaining history and facts along the way, provided by your friendly “Gastro Guide.”   

Lunch and dinner tours available.

Current Pricing*:

  • Lunch Tour: $129 per person (ages 12 yrs+) / $89 per child (3 – 11 yrs)
  • Dinner Tour: $179 per person (must be 21 or older)

MauiWine Tasting (Kula)

Your Maui wine tour itinerary is going to be pretty short. That’s because the island only has one winery, but don’t let that stop you! MauiWine is a very unique vineyard that offers signature fruit wines that you won’t taste anywhere else. Try its pineapple wines! If you want something a little more standard, the winery also offers plenty of familiar types, including Syrah, Malbec, and Rosé. Nestled right into the slopes of Haleakala, MauiWine offers dramatic backdrops and serious history to your tasting experience. (Its facility was originally built to host the island’s King Kalakaua!)

Maui Craft Tours (Haiku)

For the ultimate touring experience with plenty of foodie and boozy pleasure, it’s worth it to splurge on the Maui Ultimate Craft Tour. Your gastro adventure starts with a coffee tour, then moves on to a behind-the-scenes look and tasting at MauiWine, Hawaii Sea Spirits (producers of Ocean Vodka), and Maui Brewing Co. So basically, you don’t even have to pick your poison. You’ll get to try them all. Next up is a farm-to-table lunch at MauiWine surrounded by vineyards. Did you think the tour was finished? Not yet! The final flourish is a tasting at The Mill House.

Current Pricing*: $299 per person

* All prices are subject to change.