Sport Fishing Tours in Maui

If you want to return from you trip to Maui with a fishing story to impress your buddies, then consider splurging on a sport fishing tour. Our island offers a variety of different boats and sport fishing tours. Our warm, inviting waters are home to a wide variety of marine life, including some truly beautiful and humongous fish. Here are some of our favorite charters:

Bottom Fishing Tour – Maui Fun Charters (4 Hours)

If you are relatively new to fishing or bringing the kids along, consider a bottom fishing tour. This type of tour will be the most likely to result in some fun catches. You might not reel in “the big one,” but you’ll spend more time casting, reeling, and catching than sailing around searching for big game. Maui Fun Charters offers the Marjorie Ann, a 36’ Chesepeake Bay Deadrise fishing boat, which takes out no more than 8 at a time. On this tour, the crew will throw out sport fishing tackle to attract fish and use GPS and a fish-finder to give you the best chance of coming home with some fresh dinner. The crew can even fillet you’re your catches on the way back to shore.

Prices: $159 per person shared boat*

$1,200 for private charter*

*All prices are subject to change

Sport Fishing – Action Sport Fishing (9 Hours)

If you want to enjoy some serious fishing and try and bring home the big one, this extended sport fishing tour will give you your best chance. You’ll sail out of Lahaina Harbor before the sun rises on the Action, a 35’ Blackfin. This ship is well maintained and driven by some of the island’s top fishermen. During this tour you’ll hit all of Maui’s top fishing spots with the help of a fishfinder and GPS. Some common catches include Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, Marlin, and Blue Marlin. This could be your day to pull a 200-pound Yellow Fin Tuna out of the water or even a 500-pound Blue Marlin!

Prices: $279 per person shared boat*

$1,399 for private charter* (up to six people)

*All prices are subject to change

Luxury Sport Fishing – Jayhawk (Tour Length Varies)

If you are a discerning fisherman or fisherwoman looking for the very best in both fishing and boating, then book a trip on the Jayhawk, a 50-foot Cabo sport fishing yacht. This baby is fully air conditioned and includes three staterooms, two baths, a salon, and an engine that can take it up to 40 knots. Your tour will also include top quality rods, fishing chairs, and the best fish finding technology to give you the greatest chance of pulling in some great catches. As long as you have enough green in your pocket, you can charter this ship for 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, or even book her overnight. Jayhawk can also take you on an island-hopping tour, whale watching, scuba diving, or snorkeling!

Prices: 4 Hour Charter – $3,663.10*

6 Hour Charter – $5,497.65*

8 Hour Charter – $7,330.20*

*Pricing is subject to change.