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Will I see whales when I am on island?2018-05-10T21:23:23-10:00

Our whale season generally runs from November thru April, so if whales are your dream, make sure to visit during those months. Maui is host to an amazingly diverse collection of sea life throughout the entire year.

Is there a kitchen in my room?2018-05-10T21:22:42-10:00

The benefit of renting a condominium instead of a hotel is that your room includes a full kitchen for your use. All of the pots, pans, dishes, glasses and silverware are there waiting for you to create a culinary masterpiece. There’s also a full size refrigerator and microwave to store your leftovers from dinner and to reheat them the next day!

How may people can I put in my room?2018-05-10T21:22:21-10:00

Depending on the number of bedrooms and the owner’s stipulations will affect this answer. Standard occupancy for a 1-bedroom unit is two people with a maximum of 4 people. Standard occupancy for a 2-bedroom unit is 4 people with a maximum of 6 people. Standard occupancy for a 3-bedroom unit is 6 people with a maximum of 8 people. Remember we count everyone, regardless of age, as a person when determining maximum occupancy.

Do I need to book all of my activities before I arrive?2018-05-10T21:21:46-10:00

There are so many wonderful places to visit and adventures to take part in it can be overwhelming. Depending on the time of year you are visiting in and what you want to take part in will affect the time table to secure your spot. Speak with our knowledgeable reservation agents to better plan all the fun things you want to try.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?2018-05-10T21:21:08-10:00

Alii Resorts will do our best to re-rent your original time in hopes of being able to offer some form of a refund, but there is the possibility of a forfeiture of funds. Our best suggestion is to protect your vacation investment with a travel insurance protection plan.

If I don’t like my room, can I switch once I arrive?2018-05-10T21:20:37-10:00

Room moves are available to guests 60 days prior to arrival (90 days for Holiday period reservations). Ali’i Resorts prides ourselves on showing our condos in their true form and condition so you know exactly what you are renting. All of our condos are individually owned by people just like you, and after a certain point they are anticipating the revenue from your reservation. Our goal is always for our guests to have a wonderful vacation.

Do I need to rent a car when I’m on island?2018-05-10T21:20:07-10:00

To be able to experience the entire island, it is highly recommended that you rent a vehicle during your stay. There are many locally owned and operated rental car companies available to offer discounted rates or just click the Car Rental link on the menu bar above.

Does every room have air conditioning?2018-05-10T21:19:48-10:00

Condominiums are as different as their owner and air conditioning is not standard in all properties. While our trade winds help keep us comfortable here on the island, if you require AC, make sure to mention this to your rental agent or check the amenities section of the condo information to ensure you selected a vacation rental with this feature.

How do I pay for my room reservation?2018-05-10T21:19:27-10:00

Alii Resorts is happy to accept payments using a major credit card or by check. Please remember that all amounts quoted and payments received must be in U.S. drawn funds.

What airport should I fly to?2018-05-10T21:19:04-10:00

Maui’s largest and primary airport is Kahului International Airport; also known by the airport code OGG.

Do I need a passport to get to Maui?2018-05-10T21:18:21-10:00

The state of Hawaii is part of the United States of America and it is not necessary to bring your passport unless you are visiting us from outside the United States.