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PHOTO CREDIT: WHERETREVELER.COM/MAUI/SUMMER Maui offers many dazzling sights, from our epic sunrises over the beach, to the haunting beauty of our dormant volcanoes and the visual bliss of the foamy surf running over the beach sand. However, if you happen to be visiting our island from June 15 – 19th, then we invite you to […]

Trailer for 2015 A powerful and passionate Maui favorite. The Maui Film Festival runs from June 4-8, 2014 What could be better than enjoying Maui when the stars come alive to honor some the most exciting talent in the movie world. This event, Maui Film Festival is held in June and stands out like no […]

Maui Film Festival – Where shooting stars bring magic to this mind blowing event. Maui Film Festival is truly an all original. The Hollywood Reporter has written that “The Maui Film Festival is the embodiment of relaxed elegance providing ample opportunity to enjoy stargazing of both the Hollywood and heavenly varieties shoulder-to-shoulder with its A-List […]