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Have you noticed how friendly and relaxed the locals of Maui seem to be? Our secret isn’t hard to discover. It’s difficult to feel stressed when you are surrounded by warm sunshine, a gentle breeze, and the glorious ocean all day long. Also, we’ve learned to operate on “Island Time,” which means we’d rather say […]

Sunshine. Beaches. Booze! Isn’t that the perfect trifecta for an awesome tropical vacation to Maui? Of course, two of these things are free, and the third can quickly drain your wallet if you aren’t careful. Grabbing a drink at a local bar can set you back $10 a pop or more depending on how fancy […]

  Have you ever been rushing around, caught in the throes of your regular hectic life and then, out of the corner of your eye, caught a beautiful sunset in the distance through the window? Suddenly, time seemed to slow down as you turned and take in the beautiful magenta, periwinkle, and pink colors dousing the sky […]