Maui Waterfalls! The islands of Hawaii are known to have some of the most impressive waterfalls to see; and Maui boasts some of the world’s best! Discover the island of Maui’s secret waterfalls!

Explore Honokohau Falls (Hono ko hau) the tallest waterfall on Maui which reaches 1,119 feet. Tucked away in the depths of the West Maui Mountains, this breathtaking waterfall must be seen from the view of a helicopter tour because it is located in a valley that is otherwise inaccessible. Honokohau Fall’s cascading waters down the cliff face may remind of the movie “Jurassic Park”. This waterfall was actually featured in the movie, so it’s definitely a bucket list location not to be missed!

Here’s a short list to get you started on exploring more of Maui’s enchanting waterfalls.

Honokohau Falls
Haipua’ena Falls
Waikani Falls
Hanawi Falls
Makapipi Falls
Punalau Falls
Puohokamoa Falls
Wailua Falls
Waimoku Falls
Wall of Tears

Keep in mind the Road to Hana is the jewel of Hawaii driving tours. You’ll experience lush rainforests, dramatic and rugged ocean vistas with incredible pools and waterfalls.

If you want the best guided tour experience, book a helicopter tour. Tip: it’s a good idea to call up a few tour operators to ask about pricing, weather conditions and seating arrangements in the helicopter tours. You definitely want to go when the weather is 100% clear and you can get a window seat for epic picture taking to show off to your friends and social media fan club.

How ever you decide to discover the hidden gems of Maui take on what we call the secret of Maui. Slow down and enjoy.