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It can be a little stressful to go on vacation as a vegetarian. Which restaurants have good vegetarian options? How will servers treat you if you ask for meatless dishes? When you travel to Maui, you don’t have to worry. Not only do we have a seemingly numberless choice of amazing family-owned restaurants, but many […]

The adventure never ends in Maui. Maybe you’ve spent the day scuba diving in the island’s crystal clear waters, hiking up the side of a volcano, playing with the dolphins, or hitting one of the island’s world-renowned golf courses. Now, it’s time for food. Maui has tons of great cuisine to offer, but sometimes only […]

It can be a challenge to find the perfect place to eat when you bring the entire family on vacation. You want to enjoy a little luxury, but you have nightmares of being that family with kids running wild and screaming while the other diners stare and judge. At the same time, you want a […]

  Whatever your usual traditions are for Thanksgiving dinner, a decadent feast could be the perfect choice to make you forget all about what you’re missing back home! From buffets to 5 course meals there are many choices when it comes to making a feast worth remembering.   Book your Maui Thanksgiving from Open Table […]

  You’ve heard of shave ice in Maui but what is it? Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. The result produces a very fine texture of  ice that appears snow-like. This snow-like texture can absorb simple syrups and when added to a snow-cone shape this delicious sweet […]

Happy Hour can work wonders for you! Who can resist a generous Happy Hour with fresh air, a stunning view, and drinks. Unwind and enjoy the discount prices while you take in an experience at any one of Maui’s Happy Hour hot spots. Get out and enjoy the fresh seafood, poke, sushi, tropical cocktails, quality […]

Simple Celebration’s Making a Mother’s Day celebration memorable and unique doesn’t have to be complicated or over the top. It could be as simple as a dinner out and what better place to enjoy Mother’s Day then in Maui. Give mom a day off. Pitch in and let the moms in your life sit back […]

  Whether you’re planning ahead or already on-island, look forward to the diverse plates of Maui’s cultural cuisine! From casual, fine-dining restaurants (yes … they can go together here!) to oceanfront fish houses with panoramic views or a simple grab and go, Maui has plenty of delicious choices to choose from. Here’s a few ideas […]