Not All Hawaiian Shave Ice is Created Equal

You’ve heard of shave ice in Maui but what is it? Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice. The result produces a very fine texture of  ice that appears snow-like. This snow-like texture can absorb simple syrups and when added to a snow-cone shape this delicious sweet tasting dessert is a favorite here in Maui, Hawaii.
A little shave ice history in Hawai’i

Shave ice was first brought to the Hawaiian islands by the Japanese who migrated here to work in the sugar cane plantations and pineapple fields. The workers would take a block of ice and shave it as if planing a block of wood then pour different flavored juices or syrups on them. This refreshing and cool dessert was a perfect fit in a tropical warm climate like Maui.

The trend began to grow and more of the Hawaiian islands adopted this most exciting new dessert treat. Fast-forward to 2008, when President Barack Obama visited Island Snow during a trip to O’ahu. This moment brought the spotlight to the Hawaiian shave ice to make it bigger than ever and gain worldwide popularity.

Now that you know the scoop. Understand that not all shave ice is created equal.From the filtered waters or the premium special recipes to create these colorful syrups, it is a good idea to know who’s shave ice has the best ALOHA!

Ululani’s uses 100% pure cane sugar, natural fruit juices and extracts, and carefully selected concentrates and local ingredients. They are focused on making the BEST shave ice and sharing the ALOHA spirit to all those who stop by.

One bite of Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice on a hot day and you will agree that all shave ice is not created equal…

Ululani’s Locations

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No matter where you go on Maui don’t pass up Hawaiian Shave Ice. It truly is one of the BEST things to try on your exciting and fun adventure on island. Enjoy every sweet bite!