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The Amazing Migration Of Humpback Whales

Each fall, these huge & beautiful creatures swim over 3,000 miles from the cold waters of Alaska to the warm, shallow waters of Hawaii.

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Ten Reasons To Get Married In South Maui

Maui is the best place to hold your destination wedding and here are ten great reasons why South Maui is the place for you to get married.

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Dip your feet in the sands at Kamaole Nalu

Kamaole Nalu offers the perfect central Kihei location with awe-inspiring views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean and a friendly casual atmosphere.

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Famous South Maui Coastline

Maui's leeward coastline is a natural wonder of wilderness as it weaves its majestic ruggedness to crescent-shaped world-famous beaches.

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Top 5 Maui Luaus

Our favorite 5 Maui Luaus. Each luau presents a different dining and performance experience to fit everyone’s taste.

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Breathe in the Ocean at Royal Mauian

Royal Mauian has the perfect location in the center of South Kihei and is known for its incredible oceanfront views and sun-kissed beaches.

New Maui Flight Deals

$94 Tickets to Hawaii from California! Each day, our island

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Top 5 Reasons NOT to Visit Maui

If you think island life suits you, make sure you’re

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21 Words You Should Know Before Traveling To Maui

Did you know Hawaii is the only US state with

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Top 7 Maui Tours in 2023 – 2024

We’ve meticulously sorted through a crop of Maui tours to find our favorites. Here are our top picks for Maui tours in 2023!

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