A vacation is the time to eat great food, shamelessly buy spa treatments, and participate in tropical adventures like snorkeling, whale watching and more. Unfortunately, this “royal treatment” almost always comes with a big price tag, and a vacation budget can’t always handle what the heart wants.

Pinching pennies on vacation is a drag, so how can couples, groups, or families on a budget still enjoy a fun vacation, especially in an expensive destination like Maui? Is Hawaii off limits to budget-conscious guests?

Absolutely not!

Luxury Accommodations At Affordable Prices 
No matter what you do during your time in Maui, you have to sleep (eventually). One of the easiest places to save money on your trip is with your accommodations. That doesn’t mean you have to squeeze your family into a over prized resort hotel room or stay miles away from the beach.

At Ali’i Resorts, we offer a wide variety of condos throughout Maui, Kihei, and Wailea-Makena for rates that will fit most anyone’s budgets. Every condo is beautiful, clean, and centrally located in south Maui so that you can completley take advantage of less crowds and a whole lot of relaxation.
Best of all, renting a condo can help you save money in ways you might not imagine.

Share With The Whole Family Or Group

One of the reasons why renting a condo is a smart choice for your budget is that you can pay a single price to comfortably house your whole family or group. For instance, if you are part of a group that consists of three couples, each couple might be tempted to book their own hotel room. You could potentially save a lot more money by renting a three-bedroom condo instead and splitting the cost evenly.
Similarly, if you plan to travel with older children, they won’t want to share a hotel room with Mom and Dad! Rather than book two or more separate rooms, rent a condo where everyone can have their own room for one low daily rental rate.

Meals At Home

When you rent a condo, you can enjoy a fully functional kitchen that allows you to make your own meals. At the start of your trip, make a quick pit stop at a local grocery store and buy some necessary staples. Of course, you’ll still want to try some of Maui’s famous and hottest restaurants for dinner, but you’ll feel more comfortable splurging on great dinners when you save by cooking breakfast and lunch at home or packing snacks for your family. Think about how nice it will be to sit out on the balcony of your condo and enjoy a slow, home-cooked breakfast as you and your family gets ready for the day.

Off Season Pricing

Rental condos have an off season just like resorts. If you want to enjoy Maui on a budget, then book your trip between the end of April and beginning of December to save up to $200 a night on a beautiful condo.

Contact Ali’i Resorts today at 866-572-2664 to learn more about how affordable our Maui vacation rentals really are. Our friendly on island staff is helpful and can advise you on budget-friendly outings while you are here.