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After a long, easy day relaxing on Maui’s beautiful seashores, you might want to amp things up for the night. Sitting down for a delicious dinner and a tropical drink is a good start, but what about adding some awesome live music to the picture? If you are spending your time in South Maui, then […]

Imagine yourself sitting on an outdoor lānai overlooking the ocean. The air is warm, the sky is lit with the brilliant colors of a setting sun, and the steady sounds of the waves wash away all your worries. You bring your cocktail to your lips and sip the rich flavors of the island. Isn’t that […]

While Maui turns out the lights at 10pm we still have a lot more enjoyable things to do then the typical nightlife attractions of Oahu. Just remember that 10pm is the new 2am when you’re cruising the ideas of what to do.   Book a sunset cruise. What a thrilling way to enjoy a breathtaking […]

  Halloween on Maui has endless amounts of celebration opportunities. Carve a Pumpkin If you haven’t already carved up your favorite pumpkin this year don’t forget to visit the best pumpkin patch on island. Head up to Kula Country Farms to stroll the endless land of pumpkins just waiting to be picked. Enjoy the food […]

              Local food in Hawaii has a long, rich history. The passion of Hawaiian culinary comes from the variety of cultures that have migrated here to the Hawaiian Islands. The unique Hawaiian variety of people include Polynesian, American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese origins. Whether you need […]

Happy Hour can work wonders for you! Who can resist a generous Happy Hour with fresh air, a stunning view, and drinks. Unwind and enjoy the discount prices while you take in an experience at any one of Maui’s Happy Hour hot spots. Get out and enjoy the fresh seafood, poke, sushi, tropical cocktails, quality […]