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The best part of traveling to Maui is actually being in Maui, snorkeling, sun bathing, hiking up the side of a volcano, etc. But a part of you also loves the chance to share your pictures with all those left at home. Not only will you get to share your amazing adventures with the people […]

Haleakala Video: House of the Sun from Dan Douglas on Vimeo. Catch the raw beginnings of the world-making where the spirit of Haleakala was born. In the midst of the Pacific Ocean on the island of Maui sits the world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala. Maui is made up of two volcanoes where the lush West […]

How can you miss Maui’s incredible 2015 whale season? It’s one of the largest and most popular whale shows on earth! The winter migration of humpback whales to the Hawaiian islands is unique in the fact that this is one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal on Earth. The waters surrounding the Hawaiian […]