Five Photo Perfect Settings in Maui

The best part of traveling to Maui is actually being in Maui, snorkeling, sun bathing, hiking up the side of a volcano, etc. But a part of you also loves the chance to share your pictures with all those left at home. Not only will you get to share your amazing adventures with the people you love the most, but you can also drive your coworkers, neighbors, and the popular kids who never noticed you in high school crazy with jealously.

To make sure you capture Maui in all of its glory snap your pics and grinning selfies in these five breathtaking locations.

1.Iao Valley

This huge, awesome valley is guarded by slumbering mountains and is filled with vibrant vegetation. This state park gives you everything you need for a great picture: lots of greenery, an endless blue sky, and sweeping mountains in the background. Put on your intrepid traveler expression and start snapping away.

2.Haleakala Crater

If you want to capture a more barren, rugged backdrop and infuse a little danger into your vacation photo album, hike up the 10,000 foot Haleakala Crater. As the world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala can’t help but be impressive, with its landscape of red rocks and scrubby volcanic vegetation. If you make it to the top, then you’ve earn a victory selfie.

3.Anywhere on the Road to Hana

Maui’s most famous and adventurous road takes you 52 miles through cascading waterfalls, sweeping bamboo forests, sparkling black sand beaches, and some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes on the entire island. Pretty much any spot on this journey will make a great snapshot, so don’t be stingy with the pics.

4.Makena Beach

If your hometown is blanketed by snow or soaked with rain, then you may not want to share your pics of Makena Beach. One of Maui’s most famous beaches, Makena offers powder soft sand, swaying palm trees in the distance, and topaz water where dolphins play out in the distance. Sharing pictures of yourself soaking in the sunshine just wouldn’t be fair. (Wink.)

5.Molokini Crater

There’s nothing quite like this volcanic atoll, which provides scuba divers and snorkelers with an endless treasure hunt for sea life in its shallows. Get your waterproof camera ready. You are likely to see all kinds of colorful fish, coral, mantas, and sea turtles.

After you’ve filled your phone or camera to capacity, it’s time to upload them all so you have room to take more tomorrow. Contact Ali’i Resorts to book a beautiful, cozy, and private vacation condo in South Maui with walking distance to the beach that will let you melt into bliss.

Featured Photographer: Dan Warner

Kihei Panoramic Sunset
Kihei Panoramic Sunset