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Every fall we welcome back some of our favorite guests to the island, the large colony of humpback whales that shelter in our warm, safe waters throughout the winter. These gorgeous, peaceful creatures never cease to amaze us with their playful jumps and tail slaps, and their alluring songs. If you are planning to visit […]

When is whale watching season in Maui?  Every year from November to May, Maui locals welcome back their favorite guests – the huge, majestic humpback whales who spend every winter in Hawaii’s warm and safe waters. For thousands of years, these amazing Koholas have wintered in Maui and are an integral part of the island’s […]

How can you miss Maui’s incredible 2015 whale season? It’s one of the largest and most popular whale shows on earth! The winter migration of humpback whales to the Hawaiian islands is unique in the fact that this is one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal on Earth. The waters surrounding the Hawaiian […]

  Whale watching season is almost here! Right now, a large colony of humpback whales are making their extraordinary, 3,000 mile journey from the frigid waters of Alaska all the way down to Hawaii for their warm winter break. From December to April visitors to Maui can get incredibly close to these massive and gentle […]

Did You Know Humpback Whales Play? Find Out More On A Maui Whale Watching Tour! Maui offers its guests many natural treasures including abundant sunshine, crystal clear ocean waters, and an amazing array of sea life. If you plan to visit Kihei, Wailea, or Makena between December and May then make sure you take the […]

There’s just something different about whale season! This past weekend the first Humpback Whales were spotted just off Molokini and we couldn’t be more excited! Having the whales back “home” adds something indescribably special to our sun-soaked piece of paradise. You can look out to seemingly uneventful waters and know that at any moment you […]