Starting NOW: Whale Watching Season 2013-2014

There’s just something different about whale season! This past weekend the first Humpback Whales were spotted just off Molokini and we couldn’t be more excited! Having the whales back “home” adds something indescribably special to our sun-soaked piece of paradise. You can look out to seemingly uneventful waters and know that at any moment you might be treated to a breach or the start of a long peduncle slap show. (Yes, strange word … it’s the area nearest to the tail. The slap looks like it slapping its tail on the surface of the water. Stay tuned to our blog for more on whale behaviors.) It’s a sea of possibilities as whales conduct life in a whole other world under the surface of the Pacific in the warm Maui waters. Whale behavior is fascinating and, in some cases, beyond absolute definition. Do they breach for communication, to rid themselves of barnacles or could it be the best reason in the world … just for fun?

The entertainment doesn’t stop with their actions. You may have heard a whale song, a recording or on a nature program, or maybe even a hydrophone. They’re all great ways of experiencing the melodies of these gentle giants but why not “take out the middle man”?

Tip of a lifetime: Dive below the waves, the deeper the better, hold still and listen. That’s right. Under the right conditions, you can hear the whales sing directly. Sound travels far in water and whales sing holding still so, while it may be intimidating, your fellow mammal is most likely nowhere near you.