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Top Five South Maui Scuba Diving Spots

Hidden just beneath the warm waters off of Maui’s south coast is a wonderland of marine life. Scuba diving lets you peek into this secret and enchanting world, and it is an excellent activity to add to your to-di list when you come to Maui for a visit. Maui is filled with great diving spots, but here are our five favorites for South Maui, which are conveniently located for anyone staying in Kihei, Wailea, and Makena.

1.Hidden Pinnacle

The weather needs to be just right for you to reach this challenging dive spot. Beginners should also consider trying elsewhere. However, if you’ve got some experience under your belt and the scuba gods bless you, this spot can be an excellent adventure. The water reaches a depth of 120 feet, and you’ll get to see valleys, canyons, shallow lava formations, and arches, as well as pyramid butterfly fish, coral, and sponges.

2.Wailea Point

Wailea point is the perfect place for your first dive or if you haven’t strapped on an oxygen tank in a while. The invitingly warm waters are shallow here, just reaching down to 50 feet. You’ll also find plenty of marine life to capture your attention, including many species of tropical fish and even sea turtles that flock around the reef.

3.Five Caves

If you’ve never seen a shark on a scuba dive before, then try to get a lift out to Five Caves, which is also called “Five Graves” or “Makena Landing.” The water is shallow, going down to just 45 feet, making it a good spot for beginners. Even advanced divers will get to enjoy abundant marine life, including turtles, eels, and white tipped reef sharks. You can also explore lava ridges, caves, and sea pinnacles.

4.Tank and Landing Craft

At the Tank and Landing Craft sight, you’ll find that two sunken World War II era landing craft have been transformed into an underwater refuge. The two vehicles sit at a depth of 60 feet and attract all sorts of marine life that use it for shelter and protection.

5.Apartments and Battleship Rock

Its name is a little misleading. There is no shipwreck to explore in these waters. The name refers to a rock formation that resembles a battleship. Though you won’t get to see a shipwreck, you can see plenty of other marine life, including red sponges, pelagic fish, and black coral. You can also explore some fascinating lava ridges. We love this dive site, because it is both challenging and less crowded than many other shallower spots along South Maui. The water reaches a depth of 110 feet, making this a spot that only experienced deep water divers should attempt.

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