How to See Whales in Maui

Every fall we welcome back some of our favorite guests to the island, the large colony of humpback whales that shelter in our warm, safe waters throughout the winter. These gorgeous, peaceful creatures never cease to amaze us with their playful jumps and tail slaps, and their alluring songs. If you are planning to visit Maui in the winter, then you are arriving at prime whale watching time. Don’t miss out on seeing these gentle giants as they play and frolic just off of our shores. There are different ways that you can catch sight of our whales:

1. Whale Watching from Land

You don’t have to spend any money to meet our big and beautiful whale pod. You just have to be in the right place at the right time. There are several spots along the coast in South Maui where you can easily see tails and spouts from the shore even without binoculars. Some of the best spots include:

  • Ma’alaea Bay
  • Makena Beach Park
  • The lookout between mile markers eight and nine on the Honoapililani Highway
  • Sheraton Maui Resort

We recommend packing a lunch and having a picnic with your family at Makena Beach Park and keeping watch out over the water.

2.Whale Watching by Boat

Of course if you want to get a closer look at the whales, you’re going to have to get out on the water. A quick online search will lead you to multiple whale tour companies that take groups out to where the pod likes to winter. Hawaii has very strict rules that prevent boats from getting too close to the whales, but you’ll still get close enough for some amazing pictures and unforgettable views. At Ali’i Resorts, we can refer you to trusted whale watching outfits close to your vacation rental condo.

3.Whale Watching by Air

We don’t know any flying tours of Maui that are specifically geared toward whale watching, but you could easily charter a flight to take you over the waters. More likely, if you hire a plane for something else, like an island hop or to take you to a far out dive spot, you might be able to catch sight of a whale breach or a spout as you zip through the sky. Maui pilots are great at spotting whales.

There are many great ways to do a little whale watching in Maui. If you’ve never gone whale watching before, you can’t know just how big and majestic these creatures are until you see them with your own eyes! The best whale watching spots are all in South Maui, so visit our listings today to find a great vacation rental condo in South Maui.