Snorkeling Secrets of Success

Snorkeling is one of Maui’s favorite activities. With millions of visitors exploring Maui each year, we ask you to please follow the ultimate snorkeling rule of success

take only pictures, kill only time…leave only bubbles behind !”


What to do when you encounter a Sea Turtle

Everybody loves Sea Turtles and Sea Turtles are called Honu here in Hawaii. Beautiful, serene, and seemingly wise they have swum the oceans for over millions of years, peacefully feeding and enjoying their happy lifestyle. Sea Turtles are also considered endangered and here in Hawaii they are protected by both state and federal services. Any attempts to touch, disturb, feed, pursue, ride harass, harm or cause injury to is breaking the law and consequences do apply. Please be respectful of our Sea Turtle friends that live and inhabit our shoreline. This is their home; they need the protection and safety they deserve!


Here’s how you can help preserve our coral, marine life and enjoy the success of a positive snorkeling experience.

1. Best time for snorkeling is early morning hours in calm, clear ocean water.

2. Choose a snorkeling location that has other visitors in the water. Being in a group is always better than snorkeling alone.

3. Do not stand on, touch, or take any coral; this activity can damage and destroy corals and it is unlawful.

4. Do not feed the fish; this activity can upset the natural balance on the reef. Fish cannot digest many human foods like peas and corn. Bread, chips and other human snacks contain oils  that can coat fish eggs and interfere with reproduction. View fish in their natural state.

5. Pack your trash. Sounds like a no-brainer, but look around before you leave; the trade winds can blow candy wrappers, plastic bags and any other rubbish into our ocean causing marine and coral to die.

6. Please use environmentally friendly Reef Safe Sunscreen before entering the water; environmentally friendly means that it contains no chemical in the sunscreen. Chemicals like this cause damage to our ocean, reef and marine life.

7. Most important rule of snorkeling is the same as diving … always have a buddy with you.  You keep an eye out for them and them for you.  Plus, amazing experiences are always better shared with someone you enjoy spending time with!


Remember the ultimate snorkeling rule of success, make your experience enjoyable and leave paradise as it was intended.

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