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Bringing Baby? You Can Still Enjoy Maui!

You’ve got an amazing, wonderful, bundle of joy to call your own…but dang, you could use a Hawaiian vacation! What do you do if you are desperate for an island escape but can’t bear to leave the little one at home? The easy answer is bring the baby along! You can definitely still have an amazing vacation in Maui even with a young child. Sure, maybe the scuba diving will have to wait until another day, but just because you have a little spit-up on your collar doesn’t mean amazing vacations are a thing of the past.

Here are just a few tips on things that you and baby can do in Maui.

Go to the Beach

Thoroughly coat your progeny in sunscreen, then put on their hat and sunglasses, because you are going to the beach! Maui’s beaches are legendary, and if you haven’t experienced them before, you’ll soon understand why. Whether you choose Makena Beach State Park, Ka’anapali Beach, Honolua Bay, or another one of our dozen beaches, you are going to enjoy sunshine, the crash of waves, and lots of soft, beautiful sand. Help your child make her very first sandcastle, or play with her in the surf. Also, don’t be shy about putting your partner on babysitting duty while you take a snooze in the sun.

Take a Hike

Buy or rent a hiking backpack specially made to carry a young child and then set out to explore the amazing wilds of Maui. We are a hiking Mecca, and you’ll see amazing things no matter which trail you choose. ‘Iao Valley State Park, Twin Falls, and Makahiku Falls all offer short, beautiful hikes that the whole family can enjoy. Many of our hikes even lead to pretty waterfalls!

Eat Some Food!

You’ve got to eat, so bring to whole family to some of our amazing eateries. You’ll find a lot of family-friendly joints on every part of the island. Take a taste of our fresh seafood or our farm-to-table fare, and you seriously won’t go back. If you have to eat early, consider it the perfect opportunity to indulge in happy hour specials!

Hire or Bring a Nanny

You love your baby, but when in Maui you may want to engage in some very non-baby friendly activities, like surfing, mountain biking, scuba diving, bar hopping, dancing, or simply spending some romantic time with your partner. If you want to enjoy all that Maui has to offer, considering bringing your nanny along with you or hiring a well-vetted nanny on Maui. Use those extra credit card points to fly your nanny or favorite babysitter over and then rent a vacation condo, so you’ll all have plenty of space and privacy. At Ali’i Resorts, we can help you find the perfect vacation condo for your needs and recommend baby-friendly activities.

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