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When you visit Wailea today, you’ll quickly find that it is a resort town offering luxury condos, golf, and many other tourist treats along its well-known beaches. This wasn’t quite the original dream that developers had for the town. In fact, in the 1960s and 1970s, developers and local politicians envisioned creating Wailea as a […]

A vacation to Maui is always memorable no matter what you do, but is it truly meaningful? If you have the means to come visit us and enjoy the beauty of our island, then you are truly fortunate. Want to spread the good fortune, help preserve the delicate eco-system of our island, and take with you an […]

Check out the Maui Fish Guide! IDENTIFYING THE FISH IS HALF THE FUN It’s time to snorkel and interact with Maui’s schools of colorful tropical fish! Identifying these exotic creatures along your voyage opens up Maui’s underwater universe a whole other level. Check out the incredible bounty of tropical reef fish, honu (turtles), and unique sea […]

  Booking activités in Maui is always a chore but not when you find great sites with amazing prices and information that make choosing your dream trips an absolute breeze. Check out Maui Hawaii Discount Activities site and see what trips look good to you from land to luaus to ocean activities and shows Maui […]

How to Get to Maui As temperatures continue to drop around the northern hemisphere, a sun soaked getaway sounds better and better. Even in the depth of winter, Maui is still a warm and inviting island, offering visitors a snug spot on its toe warming-soft beaches or any number of exciting snorkeling, scuba diving, and […]

Just off the shores of Maui, the ridge of a volcano dramatically peeks out of the ocean, hinting at the thriving oceanic sanctuary hidden just beneath the water. This is Molokini Crater, a place like no other, and a definite Maui must-see. Molokini is a partially submerged volcanic crater that is estimated to have formed […]

One of the biggest draws to Maui is its gorgeous, welcoming beaches, but with so many to choose from, how do you decide where to pitch your beach umbrella? Of course, we recommend that you visit at least a few different beaches during your trip to Maui, but one you should definitely add to the […]

Hidden just beneath the warm waters off of Maui’s south coast is a wonderland of marine life. Scuba diving lets you peek into this secret and enchanting world, and it is an excellent activity to add to your to-di list when you come to Maui for a visit. Maui is filled with great diving spots, […]

Every fall we welcome back some of our favorite guests to the island, the large colony of humpback whales that shelter in our warm, safe waters throughout the winter. These gorgeous, peaceful creatures never cease to amaze us with their playful jumps and tail slaps, and their alluring songs. If you are planning to visit […]

BRRRRRR! Baby, it’s cold outside. The snow is delicate and beautiful…for about a day. Then it’s just cold, crusty, wet, and did we mention cold? Do you know where you won’t find a single layer of ice on your windshield? The beautiful, warm island of Maui, that’s where! This holiday season, you can spend your […]