Think Hawaii or Maui and you’ll have visions of stunningly beautiful beaches, the magical touch of gentle waves on your feet, and the sunsets that are simply to die for. All of these attractions lure in some 2.2 million vacationers each year. But, if you’re looking for serenity, tranquility, and some off-the-beaten path sights and activities during your Maui vacation, take a look at these hidden gems.

Nature in All Her Grandeur

The untouched, unspoiled beauty of Maui is legendary. But what is more fascinating is the gardens and nurseries that have been created to shed light on some of the exquisite specimens of the island. Stop by at the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm for views of fragrant blossoms that fill the senses with sheer delight. Or, you could visit the Garden of Eden that is a botanical paradise covering 26 acres. Take a closer look at some of the rare species of plants that are endemic to the island here. The Sacred Garden is yet another location that connects you to nature on a spiritual level. You will find shrines here that are dedicated to almost all the religious beliefs in the world. Stop over at the Kula Botanical Gardens for spectacular landscapes adorned with koi ponds and waterfalls.

The Forests of Maui

Maui has new surprises for you at every turn. Should you visit the elevated regions of the Makawao Forest Reserve, it will seem to you that you have entered the forests of the northern hemisphere. The air is fragrant with the scent of eucalyptus and pine while the soothing sounds of owls add to the tranquility. The Maunalei Arboretum has an air of historic mysticism surrounding it and includes a 1-mile hike amongst giant trees that is an unforgettable experience. If hiking is something you enjoy, check out the Mahana Ridge Trail known for its pineapple and coffee plantations.

Nourish Your Soul with Spiritual Peace

Visit Maui and you will feel a close bond to nature that transcends to a connection with the supreme being. Join in the meditation, yoga, music, and other wellness events that are held at the Lumeria. The Temple of Peace is yet another spa and wellness center that cleanses you in mind, body, and spirit while the Lahaina Jodo Mission is dedicated to the Japanese reverence for the Buddha and is a haven for meditation and peace. It stands witness to the hard work of Japanese immigrants on the island. If the teachings of the Buddha interest you, plan a visit to the Maui Dharma Center that has the distinction of having been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Pristine Untrodden Beaches

One of the main reasons why people choose vacations in Hawaii is no doubt the miles of incredible beaches that are simply breathtakingly beautiful. But, if you’re looking for secret havens where you can explore their magnificence in isolation, check out the Oneloa Beach also called Ironwood Beach or the Secret Beach at Paako Cove. But, Hawaii has another unique panorama for you, the Wai’anapanapa State Park with its black sand beaches that are to be seen to be believed.

Some Other Fascinating Sights

Go back to the origins of the Hawaii islands with a visit to the Haleakala Crater, the volcano that created the islands. In addition to the immense beauty of its surroundings, you will be treated to the most spectacular sunrises in the world. Before it’s time to head home, visit Turtle Town, an underwater marine paradise that teems with turtles. Enjoy the ethereal world of shimmering dim sunshine filtering through the crystal-clear water and utter serenity.

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