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Our gorgeous island is known for a lot of things – our crystal clear ocean, our soft, sandy beaches, our hikes that wind up the sides of dormant volcanoes and end at secret waterfalls, our food…okay, so you get the picture. There is a lot to love about Maui. One thing you probably don’t hear […]

When you think Maui, you probably automatically associate the words: beach, palm trees, scuba diving, whale watching, hiking, sun bathing, swimming, etc. Maui specializes in basically every awesome outdoor activity that doesn’t involve snow and ice. One word that might not come to mind right away is: Art. We want to change that, because Maui […]

If you will be visiting our lovely island this Labor Day weekend, then you have a lot of fun activities to choose from. Besides everyday favorites like scuba diving, whale watching, and lazing at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can also take part in some local events over the weekend. […]