Our gorgeous island is known for a lot of things – our crystal clear ocean, our soft, sandy beaches, our hikes that wind up the sides of dormant volcanoes and end at secret waterfalls, our food…okay, so you get the picture. There is a lot to love about Maui. One thing you probably don’t hear too much about is all of the amazing art that our island residents create. Yes, Maui is the home of a thriving art scene. Our artists take our special island spirit and turn it into joyous, colorful paintings, sculptures, and photography. If you are planning on visiting Maui, consider bringing back a piece of the island as an artistic keepsake.

Small Galleries Around Every Corner

You might actually be surprised to learn just how many art galleries thrive on Maui. You can find the Maui Hands galleries in four separate locations around the island, the Artists’ Showcase at the Four Seasons in Wailea, Shane Robinson Fine Art Gallery in Wailea, and many, many more. Most of these galleries strive to showcase the work of local Hawaiian artists, including locals of our island. You’ll see lots of rich colors, a big focus on the ocean, and many pictures and paintings of local flowers and fauna.

You can also purchase pottery, handmade jewelry, and sculptures that vary from modern interpretations to homages of ancient tradition.

Don’t Worry if You Can’t Fit It in Your Luggage

If you’ve found a seascape that will look perfect over your fireplace or a beautiful sculpture for your entryway, there’s no need to let that purchase go just because you can’t fit it in your luggage. Here in Maui we are all experts at shipping things overseas. The gallery worker can help you figure out how to ship the artwork safe and sound to your residence. When that box or parcel arrives on your doorstep, it will be like discovering it all over again!

Here are just a few more art galleries we love in Maui:

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