The Artists’ Guide to Galleries in Maui

When you think Maui, you probably automatically associate the words: beach, palm trees, scuba diving, whale watching, hiking, sun bathing, swimming, etc. Maui specializes in basically every awesome outdoor activity that doesn’t involve snow and ice. One word that might not come to mind right away is: Art.

We want to change that, because Maui is filled with amazing and talented artists who love to use bright colors, deep emotions, and tons of skill to create all sorts of beautiful artwork. You might not realize it, but Maui has a thriving art scene, and many artists are drawn to the island’s lush natural landscapes and vibrant spirit.

If you have an artistic soul or appreciate paintings, sculptures, drawings, pottery, and other pieces that make you think and feel, make an effort to visit some of Maui’s wonderful art galleries. The island is home to many small galleries, each with its own style and personality. They all host local art. If something really speaks to you, it is possible to ship it back to your home so you can keep a piece of Maui with you forever.

Here is just a short list of some of the most popular galleries on the island (in no particular order):

  • Maui Crafts Guild (Paia) – The only artist owned and operated gallery on Maui. It only showcases local art.
  • Maui Hands Galleries (Makawao, Paia, Hyatt, Lahaina) –These award-winning galleries represent over 300 local artists.
  • The Village Galleries (Lahaina, Kapalua) – This well-established gallery represents over 100 Hawaiian artists at this two locations.
  • Four Seasons Resort (Wailea) – Visit the Four Seasons between 8:30 am – 1:30 pm each day to view local artist vendors.
  • The Flavor Gallery (Haiku) – A “rare collection of rarities” by artist Mickey Eskimo.
  • Shane Robinson Fine Art (Wailea) – Features the artwork of Shane Robinson, who specializes in Intention Camera Movement, Abstract Photography, and Digital Art and Acrylic on Panel and Canvas.
  • Kai Pua Art Studio & Gallery (Lahaina) – Artists Anna Keay and her husband John Lindquist have created a gallery “where the ocean meets the flower.”
  • Kaukini Gallery (Kahakuloa) – This gallery set on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean features the work of over 100 Hawaiian artists.

Before you can start viewing Maui’s local art, you’ll need a place to stay. South Maui is the most beautiful part of the island. Rent a vacation condo right on South Maui’s shore through Ali’i Resorts.