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There’s no place like Maui to connect your heart and soul with another. Our island offers an intimate setting for your wedding, complete with dappling sunshine, lush trees, looming mountains, and – of course – the powerful and sparkling ocean. The crash of the waves upon the shore is eternal, just like your love, so […]

Your wedding day is YOUR big day, so go big or go home. It doesn’t get much bigger than Maui, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This is THE destination wedding of your dreams, but where exactly should you get married? There are so many excellent options throughout the island that it […]

  How can you resist exploring one of the most oldest reef structures in Hawaiian Islands?   How can you resist exploring one of the oldest reef structures in the Hawaiian Islands?  With the underwater sea life consisting of 100 plus acres and extending for several hundred yards offshore, Olowalu Beach is the perfect snorkeling […]

When you hear the term “destination wedding,” don’t you automatically think of Hawaii anyway? We know that you don’t really need much convincing about why South Maui is the absolute best place to hold your destination wedding, but just so you have an easy way to convince your family and future spouse, here are ten […]