How can you resist exploring one of the most oldest

reef structures in Hawaiian Islands?

How can you resist exploring one of the oldest reef structures in the Hawaiian Islands?  With the underwater sea life consisting of 100 plus acres and extending for several hundred yards offshore, Olowalu Beach is the perfect snorkeling spot with calm and clear water. It undoubtedly is the best beginners snorkeling spot on Maui. The fish and exotic marine life are abundant and you are sure to see a Honu (sea turtle) or two.

Olowalu Reef is also rich in Hawaiian history. For years this reef has acted as a thriving nursery of Black Tip reef sharks, one of the few in the entire state of Hawaii. Female Black Tip reef sharks are known to come specifically to this area generation after generation to give birth in Olowalu’s calm, protected water. Olowalu Reef is also home to over 350 Manta Rays and offers some of the best scuba diving in Maui; one of the best spot in Hawaii to explore the underwater marine and reef life.

The experience you will have at Olowalu is truly unique and made with Maui memories.  Sign up for a sea kayaking adventure leaving right from this beach or book a snorkeling trip on Trilogy, Pride of Maui or any of the other boat company that offers this incredible bucket list stop.

Located close to mile marker 14 on the Honoapiilani Highway which is the ocean road that takes you from the central valley to Lahaina and the West Side.  This snorkel reef spot on Maui is protected from the trade winds. A great place to go on windy afternoons.


Olowalu Beach needs to be done with great care. This coral reef is shallow and there are exotic living sea creatures tucked into the rock and coral heads. You will need to diligently navigate yourself through the low-lying coral heads as you explore your way out to the deeper areas where the view will be very clear. Early in the morning between 7am and 12pm is the best time to go. Once out beyond the shallow reefs you will marvel at the beautiful colors of the outer reef areas and the variety of fish in this area will rival the best spots on the island. Local Tip: Never go snorkeling after a storm always give the ocean 2-3 days to settle down before you attempt your next ocean adventures.


Olowalu Beach is off the side of the road and you need to be aware that there are no amenities such as no showers, no benches, no barbecue and no bathroom. There is however a porta potty usually located towards one end of the parking lot. Be also aware of the Kiawe trees which line the beach. They are super for shade during the afternoon sun but have branches with large thorns that lay on the surface or can be found buried in sand. Best to always wear your slippers or flipflops for this beach.


Be aware that the ocean can change conditions at any time and it is best to stay off the ocean waters when winds are kicking up or anytime after a storm. Rule of thumb if no one else is in the water you should not be either.


The historical Olowalu Plantation House is one of Maui’s most popular wedding locations. With it’s incredible view and charming oceanfront home it offers a spacious lanai overlooking a large oceanfront lawn. A truly heavenly spot for your wedding and perfect for a catered reception while you are dancing under the stars. The location accommodates up to 200 guests with plenty of parking for everyone.

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