Thinking about turning your Maui property into a vacation rental? This is a great way to turn your property into an asset that can help you earn money while you are not living in it. Use those extra funds to pay your mortgage or to save up so you can do some more traveling yourself! It sounds like the ultimate win-win, but you may be worried about the idea of having strangers in your house. What if they abuse your furniture, get your floors dirty, break your things, or otherwise disrespect your home?

It can be difficult to trust your property with people you don’t know, especially those who may be looking to party hard while on their vacation or holiday. You can’t police these people yourself, and it can be very difficult to receive compensation if you use a large aggregate rental site, like AirBnb. At Ali’i Resorts Property Management, we do everything in our power to ensure that the vacation properties we manage are well taken care of while they are being rented. If damage should occur, we have policies in place to make sure owners receive compensation.

We Start With Inspections

In order to address any issues that might occur to your property, we must first notice the damage or problems! We do that with a pre-arrival inspection on every property, which allows us to confirm that your condo is in perfect condition and ready to receive guests. It also lets us ensure that there is no current damage so it will be easy for us to notice any changes after the guests depart. We also perform weekly inspections of unoccupied units.

We Fix the Little Things

Problems are bound to happen with any property no matter how well the guests treat it. Toilets get clogged. The dishwasher stops working. The television goes on the fritz. At Ali’i Resorts, we have maintenance staff on call that can quickly swing by any of our represented properties to perform most basic repairs.

Damage Waiver

What happens, though, if a guest damages your property? Maybe they knock over and break a lamp, spill wine on the carpet, or drop some dishes. Don’t worry! While we can’t bring back your lamp or dishware (and may need to replace your carpet), at least you can receive compensation for the damage. We strongly encourage each guest invest in a damage waiver when they book with us. It’s only $40, and it covers up to $1,000 worth of damage. The damage waiver cost is an opt-out charge, meaning customers are automatically opted in unless they specifically ask to opt out. If they do choose to opt out, then we charge a $400 security deposit to help ensure against damage.

These two policies allow us to protect against most typical kinds of vacation rental damage. Of course, there are always exceptions. If a guest causes a high level of damage to your property, there may be legal remedies that you can seek. However, we very rarely have to deal with property damage. Almost all of our guests are very respectful of their vacation home! We also believe that our inspection and damage waiver policies help encourage guests to treat their vacation rental with care.

Have any questions about our vacation rental property management service or want to submit your property for review? Contact us today. We are always looking for great properties in and around South Maui to offer to our guests.