Wailea Elua Village 2015 Construction Project Schedule

Work will begin in Mid April 2015 starting with the buildings closest to the pavilion and progressing along the ocean towards the Marriott.  This will include all buildings up to the road running North and South through the property.  Some light work will be done this year, starting in August while the property’s occupancy is historically low.  This early start won’t affect occupancy in most cases, and will do a lot to help meet the project deadline of mid December 2015.

For the main construction season, April 15 to December 15, 2015, this is what we understand the sequence to be: Buildings 9-11 then 12-13, then 14-17 and 18-19.

Meanwhile, special equipment and workers will be assigned to Buildings 7, 8, 15 & 21.  There the work will progress sequentially, starting with Building 7.

As the workers reach the 18 and 19 buildings, the process moves up to buildings 20-25 then 1-5.  Work on Building 21 depends on the pace of the work on building 15.  If 15 is near completion when the work at 18 and 19 is underway, work on 21 will begin.  All rental agencies will be kept informed of this progress and schedule.

Generally, speaking only about ¼ of the property will be involved at any time.  Buildings 13-19 will be unaffected for the first 2 months of the project as progress begins by the pavilion. Buildings 1-5 and 20-25 probably won’t begin until the 5th month (September).
A more definitive time table will be set after further details are confirmed with the contractor, possibly by the end of August 2014.

For further questions or more information please give us a call at 866-572-2664.