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What Do Your Kids Really Want On Their Maui Vacation?

Family vacations can be a truly magical experience, especially when you whisk your children off to an amazing and beautiful destination like Maui! We know that you want to create wonderful memories with your children. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time planning adventures and escapes and are ready to open your wallet for some big expenses. However, you’d be surprised at what your children really want during their Maui vacation…You.

No Distract-cations!

Remember a few decades ago when adults would wave goodbye to their coworkers and boss and actually leave for an entire uninterrupted week of vacation? In this age of smart phones that support email and video conferencing, that bygone era almost seems like a fairytale. Nowadays, many adults are in the office 24/7/365, even while on vacation. This may mean leaving your children to build their own sandcastles while you take a quick call, checking email during the meal, or skipping out on snorkeling so you can phone into a required conference.
Your spouse might be understanding, but your kids are not. They don’t understand that you are trying to be a responsible adult. All they know is that you work too much.

The truth is that many of us can take a full week (or even two!) off of work, and the company won’t crumble into a pile of rubble. The world will still keep turning, and your children will feel like you really are on vacation with them.


Give Your Children Full-cations, Not Half-cations

The true treasures of a vacation are great stories and memories that will live on long after you’ve flown home. You can’t buy memories, and you can’t make them if you’re sitting in your room on a conference call instead of spotting sea turtles, manta rays, and colorful tropical fish with your children.

We live in a distracted world, and soon enough your children will be glued to their electronic devices. Perhaps one day you’ll be trying to drag them to do fun activities during the family vacation. That’s why it’s so important to treasure exactly where your children are at now and to give them the best vacation possible by being a part of it.

So, set your vacation email and your work voicemail to politely say you are going to be spending an awesome week in Maui with your children and that you will be happy to return calls and emails when you return to the office. Don’t forget to cancel all of your meetings. (All of them!)

We know you and your family will have an amazing time in Maui! If you haven’t yet booked your accommodations, consider being on the right side of the island and stay with Ali’i Resorts. We offer family vacation condos in South Maui with great prices. Give us a call today 866-572-2664.

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