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Best Beach In Maui? Our Money’s On Big Beach

One of the biggest draws to Maui is its gorgeous, welcoming beaches, but with so many to choose from, how do you decide where to pitch your beach umbrella? Of course, we recommend that you visit at least a few different beaches during your trip to Maui, but one you should definitely add to the top of your list is Makena Beach, known locally as “Big Beach.”

What’s So Great About Big Beach?

A lot of things! As you can tell from its name, Big Beach is, well, big. This beach offers over half a mile of golden, soft sand and is unusually wide. That means that you can usually easily find a nice spot to throw down your beach towel without worrying that you’ll kick sand on the next family over. During peak travel season, many of Maui’s smaller beaches can quickly become a sea of tourists. Big Beach, located in a slightly less developed area of Maui, rarely gets overcrowded.

Aside from giving you plenty of space, Big Beach is simply beautiful. Its waters are warm and clear, and you’ll get excellent views of Molokini Crater and Kahoolawe Island. Visitors also appreciate the easy parking at the beach, as well as its bathrooms, and picnic tables which allow you to pack a lunch and hang out at the beach all day.

Multiple lifeguard stands let lifeguards keep a careful watch so that everyone stays safe at the beach.

What to Do At Big Beach

Big Beach is your ideal beach playground. On shore, you can snooze under the sun and work on your tan, or build sand castles galore with your children. The beach is also popular with swimmers, surfers, and body boarders. The legendary shore break of Big Beach make for some of the most excellent skimboarding and bodyboarding around.

You can also snorkel at Big Beach, but the beach isn’t known for its abundant wildlife. Better to take a tour out to Molokini Crater for an astounding snorkeling experience.

A Note of Caution

The same shore break that makes Big Beach such a great bodyboarding destination also adds an element of danger to the beach. During large south swells, the waves can be downright brutal, and flash rip currents can form as well. Take great care if you have small children or if you are a poor swimmer. If you see warnings at the life guard stations, stay out of the water. With a little common sense, you can stay safe and have a memorable, enjoyable outing at Big Beach.

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