Five Things to Do on Your Last Day in Maui

You have to go? No, we want you to stay, and we know you want to stay. Job, smob. Okay, okay, we’ll let you go. But if you’ve just got one day left on our island, then make the most of it by packing in all the necessary Maui activities that you may have overlooked during the rest of your travels. These are things that are quintessential to your Maui experience, and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t do them.

See a Waterfall

A Maui waterfall is like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced before. If, somehow, this slipped off your to-do list, get it right back on there. Plus, most waterfalls require a hike, so you’ll have one more adventure with your traveling companions. Consider setting out for the 400-foot Waimoku Falls, located in East Maui above the sacred Pools of Ohe’o. If you’re closer to Hana, then the Alalele Falls are a great option. It’s also a short hike from the Hana Highway if you are pressed for time. Another waterfall close to the road is Wailua Falls. You might have to deal with a couple of random tourists in your shot (these falls are quite popular), but it’s still a gorgeous and breathtaking view.

Get Those Last-Minute Souvenirs

You didn’t forget to buy a present for Hilda, your Grandmother’s sister’s step-cousin, did you? She’ll be devastated if you don’t bring her back something. There are tons of places all around the island to grab some unique and Maui-centric souvenirs, but one of the best spots is the small and quirky town of Paia. You’ll find plenty of fun trinkets that will make an excellent story when you get home. Just beware of the friendly locals. It is all too easy to find yourself getting talked into buying your very own ukulele.

Buy a Roadside Smoothie

If you’ve done any length of driving on our island, you are sure to have noticed the roadside fruit stands at regular intervals. Don’t be shy! Pull over and order a tasty smoothie made with fresh, tropical fruit. Some stands include bicycle-powered blenders, which are a thrill to watch. And mmmmm, those smoothies are soooo good. Yeah, that smoothie selfie is totally going on Instagram.

Hit the Beach

Unless you are a vampire, you have already spent plenty of time during your Maui vacation enjoying our pristine beaches and getting lots of sunshine. However, on your last day in Maui, take some time to get in one more frolic across the hot sand or a dip in our warm, clear waters. Our beaches are the pride of our island, and you just won’t find anything like it at home. Soak in as much of that salty sea air and beach vibe as you can before you head home.

Grab a Drink

Toast to your last night on Maui with one more crazy expensive, but delicious tropical drink. Don’t worry about looking like a tourist. You sip that pina colada, mai tai, or blue Hawaii with pride! Everyone else is just jealous of that cute little umbrella in your drink.
Well, we hate to see you go, but the thing to remember is that Maui isn’t going anywhere! If you truly had an enchanting time, consider coming back to see us soon. Here at Ali’i Resorts, we always have plenty of quality vacation condos available in South Maui. We’ll put you up in style.