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Where to Take Yoga Classes in Maui

Above photo is Johanna Waters Yoga class in Kihei Click Here to Learn More

Your vacation to Maui was supposed to be relaxing, right? Why then, do you feel so stressed out rushing to make your snorkeling tour on time or listening to your kids whine that they’re already bored when you’ve only been at the beach for an hour? It sounds like it’s time to really get serious about finding that calm center inside of you. If you are a yoga-enthusiast or simply want to do something that is good for soul and body on your Maui vacation, consider taking a yoga class.

Though our island is small, we embrace the holistic lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that more than a dozen different yoga studios thrive on our island. Many of these studios are open to the public and will allow you to drop in for a fee. You may even want to call ahead and book a multi-day yoga retreat, which several studios offer.

What Kind of Yoga Do You Prefer?

Taking a yoga class (or two or three) in Maui will allow you to enjoy the teachings of different instructors, which can give you a new perspective from your local studio at home. This is also your chance to try a different variety of yoga. Have you always wanted to try Maya Yoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Anusara, or Bikram? Now you can!
Many studios also offer special hybrid yoga classes, like Chill Flo yoga, Yogalates (yoga and pilates), Flow yoga, Gentle yoga, and more. Again, take a look on the websites of yoga studios near your accommodation to see what classes they offer.

Our Favorite Yoga Studios

You have so many different yoga studios to choose from when you visit Maui, from House of Yoga & Zen, the oldest yoga studio on the island, to Body Alive Yoga, a recent new-age studio. There’s also the Body in Balance Studio in Lahaina that offers a wide array of yoga classes as well as balance board yoga, TRS Suspension, Circuit Pilates, Hip Hop Dance, Ballet, and even Aerial yoga.

Here are just a few of our favorite local studios:

JohannaWaters Yoga in Kihei
Wisdom Flow Yoga in Pukalani
Mangala Yoga in Kaiku and Makawao
Island Spirit Yoga in Lahaina
Maui Astanga Yoga in Makawao
Body in Balance in Lahaina
Infusion Barre & Yoga in Paia
Body Alive Yoga in Wailuku

Who Says You Have to Go to a Yoga Class?

You don’t necessarily need to drop into a yoga studio to practice your Warrior Pose. After all, when you’re in Maui, the beauty of the nature world is just waiting outside your door. Take your yoga mat out to the beach and do your own routine, or do some relaxing Child’s Pose on the nearest mountain top with the whole island spread below you. In Maui, you can take yoga with you wherever you go and keep yourself centered no matter how whiny your kids get!
If you would rather practice in a class with an instructor, give us a call. If you are renting one of our vacation condos in Maui, we can help you find a high quality yoga studio near you.