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Road to Hana driving checklist

There’s this famous saying that goes like this: “Maui nō ka ʻoi.” It means, Maui is the best.  And if you ask the locals or people who have had the pleasure to experience Maui for their “best” recommendation, they’ll all point you to one direction:

7 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving on Maui

What’s the best way to give thanks together with your friends and Ohana? Bring them to Maui: the world’s best Island. Thanksgiving on Maui is an incredible celebration. The true spirit of Aloha comes out in its true magnificence and travelers from around the world

Best Ways to Experience Halloween on Maui

All over the U.S., Halloween is all about pumpkins, candy, spookiness, and some scary fun. But in Maui, it just gets better in all aspects.  If you ever wanted to experience the Hawaiian way of celebrating Halloween, you’ve got a great chance this October. Every

Food Delivery Services in Maui

There’s no doubt that Maui is one of the world’s best islands. However, when you arrive here you will be surprised to see that the reason behind the island’s popularity is not just because of the lush green pastures and stunning ocean blues, but also