So you have planned your next dream vacation to Maui and have now come to the most interesting (and time-consuming) part: packing for Maui. If you are wondering what to pack for Maui, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are numerous things to do in Maui – from epic land adventures to Maui-only experiences you’ll never forget – and because of that, you need to know what to pack for Maui.

However, we’ve made it easy for you by handpicking the important items you should carry.

If this is your first time in Maui, this checklist will be useful to you. In fact, we think our what to pack in the Maui checklist is a must-read.

But even if you have been here before, do read on and update your what to pack in Maui checklist – it never hurts to cross-check and get everything right.

Here are 9 things to pack for a hassle-free Maui vacation. 

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Maui is blessed with amazing weather. You can embrace beautiful sunlight for the most part of the year. While that’s great for a beach tan, it should also be controlled so as to avoid repeated harmful exposure. 

For this, we highly recommend you pack an effective sunscreen on your trip to Maui. It’s one of the most important things to have in your backpack.

However, most commercial sunscreens damage the ocean the marine life. In this case, reef-safe sunscreens are the best way to protect yourself and the environment at large.

You’ll be able to avoid harmful UV rays, but also get to enjoy the magical Aloha spirit of Maui in all its glory. 

Portable Phone Chargers

When you are on a magical island like Maui, you’ll often lose a sense of time. And while we highly appreciate a digital detox, we recommend that you carry a waterproof portable charger so you don’t run out of juice – especially at times when you need it. 

Imagine that you are away from your beautiful Ali’i Resorts condo and in your favorite restaurant when your phone suddenly dies. 

To avoid these situations, a waterproof phone charger helps you stay connected to your Ohana at all times.

Aqua Water Shoes

Don’t we all hate wet feet – especially when we have a long day to go? You can avoid this. On your trip to Maui, get yourself a pair of good water shoes. 

Most are waterproof or at least water-resistant and will help you avoid wet, smelly feet after a long day of a walk. 

Maui is full of numerous water streams – you’d be surprised by the number – so water shoes are a great addition. Plus, you can always use the shoes back at your home as well!

We recommend picking these up at one of the local ABC stores.

Waterproof Phone Case

Don’t lose your phone to a bad ocean incident when you accidentally drop it. A waterproof phone case will help you protect your phone and add that extra layer of life to it. 

In Maui, people are often by the beach or out for a water adventure. So it’s a good idea to have them for your whale watch tours, canoe paddling, and kayaking adventures. We recommend arm sleeve for a kayak and around the neck for a whale watch and canoe paddling.

If you forget to bring your waterproof phone case, getting one in Maui will help you save on repair cost or worse, the cost of buying a new phone altogether.

Here are the best waterproof phone cases that you should check out.

Surf Shorts

Maui is fun, beautiful, and super colorful. Add on a pair of funky surf shorts to your Maui wardrobe and you are ready for an adventurous day. 

In fact, when you get to Maui you really want to buy a pair of real surf shorts. We highly recommend that you visit your shop to get one. Surf shops are one of the hottest places to shop for beachwear. 

Moreover, buying on the island allows you to blend in with the locals rather than stand out like a tourist.

Beach & Hiking Backpack

Whether you are hiking the Haleakala or taking on the Road To Hana, a backpack is a must-have in Maui. 

From sunscreen and portable chargers to extra shorts and tees, everything can fit in a nice backpack gear. 

You should also consider a hydration pack so you have water with you as you hike in Maui. This is critical because there are not many easy to access water stations. So bring water with you everywhere is ultra important in the often dry, wet and humid climate of Maui.

We recommend purchasing highly functional backpacks that have extra compartments to carry your camera gear (lenses, body, chargers e.t.c).

Pro tip: get a water-resistant backpack.

Wind & Rain Jacket

When you visit Maui, don’t forget a wind and rain jacket. A good jacket ensures you are well-protected at all times. In fact, a lightweight wind shell will be enough for a breezy ocean adventure or get you to the top of Haleakala. 

With their extra layer of protection, you’ll guard yourself against the mighty winds as well as the cooler, wetter climate of Haleakala.

In any case, a light wind and rain jacket is multi-purpose and a great addition to your clothing for Maui.

Sun Protection Clothing

Sunburn is no fun. Isn’t it?

While in Maui, you’ll be exposed to a lot of sunlight whether you are taking the road to Hana or playing at the beach. While that’s amazing, it can also lead to harsh sunburns if you don’t protect yourself with the right clothing.

Sunscreens can help, but they’ll only do so much. Especially if you plan to hit the waters often, sunscreens will usually wash out and expose you to harmful UV rays.

Enter Sun Protection Clothing. All sun protection clothing does is to ensure that you have sun-free fun, without a major burn. Blocking harmful UV rays – even when you are hitting the Mauian waters – is one of the many benefits. 

Moreover, you and your Ohana can enjoy an unforgettable Mauian trip, while staying protected at all times.

But what should you buy? Well, we highly recommend starting with sun shirts with SPF50+ protection, rashguards, and sun hats. You can buy some beautiful Maui crafted designs at or simply head to your nearest clothing store.

Bring Your Costco Card

Photo credit: Robinson Construction Co

Lastly, this is one thing that’ll always come in handy: your Costco card. Costco is centrally located in Kahului near the airport, making it highly accessible if you want to pick up snacks, water, or anything else that you need before you head to your vacation rental.

Plus, Costco has the cheapest fuel if you are headed back through Kahului. With proper planning, you can also take care of your fill-ups here, including the pre-rental car return mad dash refuel. Your Costco card in this instance will always be a savior.

Note: the lines can be a little long, but they move fairly quickly. 

Top tip: 7 a.m. weekdays are the best time to fill up. On Mondays, avoid the time between 5 pm and 6 pm as much as you can.