Did you know the Hawaiian culture is fused with a connectedness to our land, ourselves, and each other?
Hawaii is truly all about Ohana (family) and Hanai (adopted family).
Here at Ali’i Resorts, we are excited to spend another special day in our family circle celebrating  – Father’s Day.

Adopted as a national holiday in 1972, Father’s Day is a great opportunity for all of us to honor and spend time with fathers.
If you plan on being in Maui next year for Father’s Day, save these tips to celebrate together.

Take a Swing On Maui’s Top Golf Courses

Maui has long been known for its golf courses. Players enjoy breathtaking views and just enough of a challenge to keep them coming back for more rounds. Maui’s courses have consistently ranked among the best in Hawaii, and have even become international celebrities, in their own right. 

Which Maui courses are best? Here are a few to inspire you..


These are the top 5 golf courses that make Maui a preferred choice for golfers worldwide and would make this Father’s Day truly memorable. 

  1. Kapalua Plantation Course  one of the most dramatic golf courses of any on the PGA Tour. It has been consistently ranked inside the top 100 in the United States and #1 in Hawaii for years.
  2. Wailea Gold Course at Wailea Golf Club 7,078 yard masterfully designed golf course. Golfers spend hours on this course – enjoying some of the most peaceful golf settings imaginable along with the scenic views of the Pacific and the little Molokini crater.
  3. The Bay Course it’s a must-play course for golfers worldwide – signified by its championship tag and a location that offers breathtaking views.
  4. Emerald Course at Wailea Golf Club an equally challenging and beautiful golf course that offers a unique game experience.
  5. The Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course looking to escape the usual touristy surroundings and find a pro-level golf course that doesn’t compromise the beautiful Maui setting? Head to The Dunes.

Reel In an Ahi! 

If your father’s not a golfer – spend a day fishing! 

There are roughly 25 boats on Maui offering deep sea sport fishing charters. 

One moment you’re just relaxing and enjoying the peaceful beauty of the Pacific Ocean, lazily listening to the conversation of your companions and the lulling drone of the powerful engines.

The next moment, utter pandemonium breaks loose the high-pitched whine of the line uncoiling from a almost smoking reel, the scramble to strap into the fighting chair, the first glimpse of a silver and blue adversary far behind the boat. 

And you, say Fish On!

Check out these charters.

Maui Deep Sea Fishing/Sport Fishing is the most popular style throughout Hawaii.

Spearfishing is a more adventurous and fairly new activity in Maui, just make sure your Dad is in a good shape for some underwater fish chasing.  

Learn more about sport fishing, bottom fishing or fishing in Maui 101 here Fish Maui.


Let’s Talk Food and Unforgettable Experiences

Celebrate Father’s Day with a buffet cruise or a Polynesian journey. Whatever you decide Maui has plenty of choices to make Father’s Day an unforgettable experience with fantastic cuisine. 

Check out this Maui restaurant guide and list of the re-opened restaurants on Maui to choose the best option. 

Maui Brewing Company – Hawaii’s Largest Craft Brewery- can be an excellent place to create memories this Father’s Day with a unique flavor. 

We hope these ideas inspire your weekend wherever you’re at in the world.

No matter what, honor the fathers in your life by giving up your time to spend a little time for someone that puts everyone else first.

Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day!

Ali’i Resorts Ohana