Maui can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. A little planning and flexibility can help you save hundreds of dollars or more on your trip, which means you can spoil yourself on something big or come home without an empty wallet. Here are some great cost-saving budget tips:

1. Be Flexible in Your Timing

In late summer and fall, tourist rates drop in Maui. That means hotels, rental agencies, and tour companies are all on the hunt for customers and will often offer excellent discounts. Consider booking your trip just before your kids are slated to go back to school. Not only will you be able to get great deals, but the beaches and tourist attractions will be a lot less crowded.

2. Rent a Condo Instead of a Hotel Room

Sure, you can find a few budget hotels in Maui, but if you’re going to bring your entire family to our beautiful island, do you really want to stay in a cramped, no frills room for your entire trip? Also, if you’re bringing kids along, they will beg for their own room, which will double your housing cost anyway. Instead of settling for a budget hotel far from the beaches, consider renting a vacation condo where your entire family can have lots of space and privacy. You might be surprised at how affordable a condo rental can be. You can get amazing and comfortable accommodations and still pay a lot less than you would for two rooms at an upscale hotel.

3. Always Compare Flights 

There’s no reason not to compare the cost of flights before booking your tickets. The internet is brimming with comparison websites and even websites that compare comparison websites! You can save hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket just for doing a little shopping around. Don’t forget to check ticket prices after you’ve booked. If you find that your flight is offering seats at a better deal than you paid, you might be able to get a credit for the difference.

4. Limit Checked Luggage

If you’re an over-packer, we understand the temptation. You like to have choices in your wardrobe, and who knows what you may decide to do? Better to have options just in case. However, every extra bag you check could mean a fee anywhere from $25 to $75. Remember, in Maui life is casual. Bathing suits and flip flops don’t take up too much room. If every member of a four-person family checks one bag instead of two, you could save up to $600 on the flight to and back from Maui! That’s money you could spend on a scuba diving trip, whale watching adventure, or an amazing meal.

5. Make Meals at Home

If you decide to rent a vacation condo in Maui, then make sure to take advantage of the kitchen. Yes, you should definitely try some of Maui’s fantastic restaurants, but you don’t need to eat out for every meal! Consider cooking at least one meal at the condo a day to save money and don’t forget to make plenty of snacks for your family so you won’t be tempted to buy food as you play the days away. The money you save eating at home can be used to enjoy dinner at a really nice restaurant at the end of your trip.

6. Take Advantage of Happy Hour

When you do go out to eat, why not take advantage of great happy hour deals? Many pubs and restaurants offer great deals on drinks and food between 5 PM and 7 PM. If you’ve got a lot of mouths to feed and don’t want to spend your entire food budget on expensive drinks, happy hour can make your wallet very….happy!

7. Take the Ferry Instead of Island Hopping

Since you’re down in Maui, you may be tempted to check out the many other beautiful islands around Hawaii. There’s certainly a lot to see and do on each island. However, it’s also very easy to overspend on island hopping. Though flights are relatively cheap, you may still end up paying $100 or more per person, per ticket, which can really add up when you bring the whole family along. You’ll also be sacrificing big chunks of time during your vacation just to travel. Maui happens to be very centrally located, so consider instead taking the ferry to nearby islands. Better yet, stay on Maui. We have so much to do on our island, you don’t even need to leave!

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