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Eating Farm-to-Table on Your Trip to Maui

It’s hard enough to find nutritionally dense, high quality, and sustainably grown and raised food at home, must less on vacation when you are in a strange place. Fortunately, if you choose to visit the beautiful island of Maui, you will soon discover organic, sustainably grown meals on many menus.

In general, we locals of Hawaii are used to taking care of ourselves. The mainland is far away, which makes it expensive to order food. So instead we grow our own on family farms throughout the island. Living on a small island infuses us with a deep appreciation for the value of land and the delicacy of the eco-system. It is only natural that so many of our farmers embraced organic and sustainable farming techniques.

As a result, many restaurants in Maui serve farm-to-table meals, including organic fruits and veggies as well as grass-fed beef. You can also make your own healthy meals during your trip! The island hosts several farmers’ markets, and you can stop by the farm stands of our biggest organic farms:

Ono Organic Farms

This family owned farm in East Maui has been in operation for over 40 years and grows organic fruits, cacao, and coffee beans on its 50-acre farm. Their roadside market is open every day, and you can also do a tasting tour of the farm. Yum!

Hana Ranch

This vast farm and ranch stretches over 3,600 acres and raises grass-fed cattle that eventually end up in dozens of restaurants and grocery stores throughout the island. Hana Ranch also grows seasonal fruits and vegetables, which you can try for yourself at their restaurant in Paia, called the Hana Ranch Provisions, or at the Wednesday Market organic farmers market.

Hana Fresh

This small, seven-acre farm grows 100 unique kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that it sells at its farm stand every day of the week except Sunday. Stop by in the morning to enjoy a chef-prepared breakfast!

Kumu Farms

Kumu Farms is part of the Maui Tropical Planation in Waikapu and sells organic fruits and vegetables from a farm stand at the front of the plantation. You can also taste its delicious produce at the Mill House Restaurant, also in the Maui Tropical Plantation.

While it’s always a treat to taste new farm-to-table dishes at a fine restaurant, all of these farms sell fruits and veggies directly. If you are renting a vacation condo, you’ll be able to stock your fridge with lots of yummy and healthy produce so you can make your own favorite meals at home!

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