Ask anyone who has visited Maui about their favorite memories of the trip, and you are likely to hear about the gorgeous sunrises that can be seen atop Haleakala. The top of the huge volcano (which makes up most of Maui’s landmass) often lingers above the clouds, giving visitors an absolutely breathtaking view of the dawn.

We think it is totally worth dragging yourself awake in the pre-dawn hours to witness this majestic event, but if watching the sunrise on Haleakala is on your Maui to-do list, you’re going to have to make a reservation now. Word recently came from Haleakala National Park that they are now allowing only a set number of cars to drive to the top of the volcano for sunrise viewing. The cost of the reservation is just $1.50, but without it, you’ll be watching the sunrise from the ground!

If you’re a planner, then you can make your reservation up to two months in advance. Even if seeing the sunrise atop Mt. Haleakala is a last-minute decision, the park opens up a small amount of reservations 24 hours ahead of time, so it doesn’t hurt to check, especially if you are visiting the park in the off season.

It’s important to note that the cost of the sunrise reservation is separate from the cost of a park pass and a camping permit. If you are considering camping in the park, you’ll need to make that reservation as well!

You can make your Haleakala sunrise reservation HERE. It is definitely worth the extra steps to make the reservation! Just remember that you can always take a relaxing snooze on the beach later in the day or head back to your Maui condo rental to catch some Zs before heading out for your evening adventures.

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