Why You Need to Spend Halloween in Maui

Here in Maui, Halloween is big. Like, seriously big. It’s actually our biggest, most boisterous holiday of the year. No wonder a lot of our residents consider it akin to our personal Mardi Gras. If you are looking for a party and an excuse to show off your awesome costume, you absolutely have to visit our warm, welcoming island for Halloween.

Where the Party’s “At”

The biggest party of the year takes place on October 31st in Lahaina Town. How big is this? They actually close off Front Street to vehicle traffic to let the masses wander. It’s free to join, (though make sure you have some funds for parking and cover charges if you plan on drinking).

It is a little chaotic but also a lot of fun! We recommend getting there early so that you can snag a spot in one of the many available parking lots. If you want to make your life a little easier (it can take forever to leave the party), consider taking a boat ride from Maalaea Harbor to Lahaina Harbor.

What to Expect

If your Halloween celebration is a family affair, make sure to visit early before the sun goes down. Lahaina Town hosts a children’s parade at 4 pm, and your kids will get to see lots of great costumes, floats, and more.

As the sun starts to set, the party will pick up, and it might be a good idea to bring the tykes home. The bars will open, the costumes will start getting more skimpy and raunchy, and the alcohol will flow. This is a great opportunity to let loose.

As night falls, you can walk down Front Street and check out lots of amazing bars and restaurants. Tons of people wear costumes (actually, you might feel out of place if you don’t). If you can, eat early (the waits at the restaurant will be long) and then see if you can tunnel your way onto a second story balcony of a trendy bar so you can watch the festivities below. Many bars offer music, drink specials, and costume contests, so get creative and you might win a prize.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Yes, Halloween in Maui can get rowdy, especially as the night wears on. However, the town makes a great effort to ensure everyone is safe. Many police officers will be on duty throughout the night keeping an eye on things. Also, please don’t even think about driving if you’ve had too many. There are always multiple DUI checkpoints.

Finally, alcohol is not allowed on the streets, so if you want to drink, you’ll need to do it at the bar. Expect to pay a cover charge, unless you costume is really, really good!

With all that out of the way, we hope you come join us and party hard this Halloween. When else can you transform into someone else and have a blast with a lot of friendly strangers?

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