Hotel Rates Are Going Up In 2015

Hotel Rates Are Going Up In 2015 – The Best Time To Book Your Maui Trip Accommodations Is Now
The global economy is on the mend, as the United States, Europe, and many Asian countries leave the great recession in the dust. That’s good news for the average worker and for businesses, but it may also mean that your vacation is going to get a little more expensive, especially when it comes to paying for a hotel room.
Vacations were a distant luxury for many people during the downturn, and the hospitality industry responded by slashing prices to fill big vacancies. Now that more people are earning more paychecks, vacation is back on the menu, which means vacancy rates are dropping like stones.

If you are planning a trip to South Maui in 2015, you may be surprised at how expensive a hotel room is if you wait until the last minute to book. As rooms fill up, hotels naturally jack up the prices on the remaining rooms and let the last-minute shoppers fight for a scarce resource.

Your best bet is to book your hotel early before the rest of the herd starts getting the same idea. Another option is to rent a condo instead of a hotel room. Condos are more affordable than you may think, including beachfront properties. The great thing about a condo is that you can choose a slightly larger condo and split the cost with your friends or other family members who are joining you on the trip. You will still feel like you have your own place, but sharing the cost can really help you save on one of the most expensive parts of your trip.

Renting a condo lets you feel like you are at your island home. The full kitchen, balcony, and living room allow you to stretch out and really relax in your downtime between adventures.

Check out a list of all the condos available for rent on We have plenty of openings in 2015, but they’ll start going fast. You can also give us a call, and we can help you find the ideal condo for your needs and budget.

If you already know that Maui is on your calendar in 2015, there’s no reason not to book your accommodations today. You’ll enjoy some great savings and get your pick of our available locations. The more money in your pocket, the more great adventures you can have! Check out our blogs on snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, swimming with manta rays, and other great activity ideas in Maui.