Are you interested in working with Ali’i Resorts to effectively manage your Maui vacation rental property? One of the biggest concerns our property owners express to us is a worry that their property might become dingy and dirty. We completely understand this concern! Tourists aren’t always as careful with rental properties as they would be with their own home, and they certainly have a tendency to track in a lot of sand from all their beach adventures.

Not to worry! Unlike other vacation rental management companies, we actually employ in-house housekeeping staff who takes care to thoroughly clean our rental units after each use. The fact that we hire our own employees means that we can evaluate each one and train them to our standards.

Honest and Trustworthy

We thoroughly vet each member of our housekeeping staff, so we know exactly who is cleaning your property. This wouldn’t be the case if we simply contracted this work out to a third-party company. Our workers are honest and diligent, and you never need to worry about theft or unethical behavior.


We also personally oversee the training of our staff. Our housecleaners are hard workers who aren’t afraid to the do the dirty work, literally! They will make sure every corner of your property is spic and span so that each new arriving renter feels right at home. If you should ever want to spend time at your own  property, you’ll see how beautiful and clean it is.

This regular cleaning will help maintain the value of your furnishings and flooring and will allow us to quickly note any damage or other issues a previous renter may have created. The faster we find problems, the faster we can fix them.

All Included

Our housekeeping services are included as part of our property management package. We want to make your property as attractive as possible to potential renters so that we can all prosper together. If you have questions about this service or about any other aspect of our property management protocol, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation.

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01/21/17 | Tony – I run a professional carpet cleaning company and Ali’i rentals are the cleanest on the island!