How to Get to Maui

How to Get to Maui

As temperatures continue to drop around the northern hemisphere, a sun soaked getaway sounds better and better. Even in the depth of winter, Maui is still a warm and inviting island, offering visitors a snug spot on its toe warming-soft beaches or any number of exciting snorkeling, scuba diving, and mountain biking adventures. Most importantly you can get out and PLAY!

First though, you actually have to make it to the island!

Kahului Airport

Unless you are traveling to Maui from another Hawaiian island, chances are you’ll need to fly into Kahului Airport (OGG), which is the main airport for the island and a huge hub of Hawaiian Airlines. Kahului accepts planes from all over the world as well as smaller flights from the surrounding islands.

Once you land and snag your luggage, it’s time to head to your hotel or rental condo. You can hail a taxi outside the airport or rent a car and explore Maui on your own. You’ll take route 380 out of the airport and then turn onto route 31 to go to Kihei or Wailea. The first couple of miles surrounding the airport are rather populated with Costco, Wal Mart and Target all within the area. If you need any forgotten items like a toothbrush, sunscreen or snacks for the room; this is a good first stop before arriving to the slightly more expensive resort stores.

Kapalua and Hana Airports

Maui is home to two additional airports, the JHM West Maui Kapalua Airport (JHM) and the Hana Airport (HNM). Both are so small that they can only accommodate propeller planes. They accept flights from Kahului and nearby islands, so don’t expect a direct flight to Hana Airport from Los Angeles. If you are in a hurry to get to Hana, you can save a little time by hopping onto a plane from Kahului Airport and flying directly into Hana Airport. You can also fly directly to the island of Oahu or the Big Island from the Kapalua Airport. Island flights are totally worth it considering you get the ultimate island views.

Island Hopping

If Maui is only one port on a bigger adventure through the Hawaiian Islands, then the best way to go is to use an island hopper air service, like Mokulele Airlines or Island Air. These small, friendly airlines offer short waits and a fun and cozy flight on a small plane. You’ll get to see some amazing sights as you hop from Oahu, Kauai, or the Big Island to Maui. For an even more personalized air experience, you can always charter a plane just for your party.

The Ferry

The ferry used to be a common way for guests to move from one island to another, but this transport option has largely gone away. As of this writing, you can only catch a ferry from Maui to either Molokai or Lanai. A better option is to take to the skies to go between islands.

No matter how you get to Maui, make sure you have a comfortable, beautiful place waiting for you. Visit our listings to see all of the vacation condos available in South Maui during your stay.

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