We’re not usually one to brag, but when it comes to our gorgeous island of Maui, we just can’t help ourselves. We are one of the top beach vacation destinations in the world for a reason. Our beaches are spectacular, and each one has unique features that make it worth a visit.

Sometimes, though, too much of a good thing can be a little overwhelming, especially when you can only visit our island for a short period of time. Maui offers up over 30 miles of pristine beaches; how can you possibly decide which ones to visit?

First, it makes sense to visit the top beaches in the part of the island where you are staying. No reason to drive across the island to hit a nice beach when you’ve got plenty of splendid sand in your backyard. If you happen to be residing in the south part of the island, then definitely include Kama’ole I Beach on your list.

Introducing Kama’ole Beach

Kama’ole Beach Park is a large, beautiful park that includes three separate beaches: Kama’ole I Beach, Kama’ole II Beach, and Kama’ole III Beach. The locals know them as Kam I, Kam II, and Kam III. Each beach is special in its own way, but locals and visitors alike almost always agree that Kama’ole I is the best beach.

Here, you’ll enjoy tons of sunshine throughout the year, as well as some of the softest sand on the island. The moana (ocean) is calm and friendly, making it an excellent choice for families. On a clear day, you’ll likely find the beach filled with people sunbathing, swimming, building sandcastles, and more. The beach also offers particularly good snorkeling at both points of the beach.

Extra Amenities

What makes Kama’ole I particularly enjoyable is that it offers some nice amenities that can make your life easier. Right across from the beach is a park that includes restrooms and showers for washing off all of that sand. If you’re lucky, you can grab a grill and barbeque some meat and veggies for a yummy lunch on the provided picnic tables.

Of course, if you’re renting a vacation condo near the beach, you could also walk back home and enjoy brunch or lunch with a delicious side of air conditioning!

Come Visit Kama’ole Beach Now

At Ali’i Resorts, we offer plenty of amazing vacation rental condos within walking and easy driving distance of Kama’ole Park, including Kama’ole I Beach. We’d love for you to come visit us. However, if that’s not in the cards for you quite yet, you can still enjoy some time at the beach. That’s because we just set up our very first beach cam, a live-streaming web cam of Kama’ole I Beach. Now your soul can be with us here in Maui even while your body is stuck at your work cubicle.

Check out our Maui beach cam today; or, better yet, come visit us in person!